Meds Importers In Lebanon Just Issued One Last Call For Help At Looming Disaster

@PaulaNaoufal | Christine Sandu

The Syndicate of Pharmaceutical Importers in Lebanon, which is responsible for importing medicine into the country, stated today that hundreds of crucial and life-saving medications have run out.

The Syndicate explained how disastrous the medical situation has become in a statement issued today.

“Imports have almost completely stopped since more than a month ago,” said the Syndicate.

The Syndicate explained that the halt in imports is mainly due to Lebanon’s Central Bank owing foreign drug suppliers 600 million dollars and importing companies not getting prior approval from the Central Bank to resume their activities.

It also warned that hundreds of other essential drugs will become unavailable in July if the situation remains as it is.

The Syndicate concluded its urgent call for help by emphasizing that the only solution lies in keeping medicine subsidized, paying the foreign suppliers, and dedicating a monthly fund to help the importing companies.

Lebanon’s pharmaceutical industry has greatly suffered from the impact of the economic crisis. This has taken a great toll on everyone as people struggle to find basic medication nowadays.

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