Meet The Lebanese Fine Diamond Jeweler Samer Halimeh Dazzling The World With His Masterpieces

Samer Halimeh

Born in Beirut among the rubbles of the Lebanese Civil War, Samer Halimeh has had a big love for diamond trading since his youth.

From his early childhood, he was attracted by the diamond industry. At just 12 years of age, he successfully traded his very first diamond purchase!

​His career aspirations multiplied with the main goal of becoming a renowned diamond trader since he could not see himself working a “normal” job, especially since he comes from a “medical family.”

His desire led him to make a name for himself as one of the leading diamond traders.

His masterpieces were auctioned at major auction houses, including Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and his stunning creations have made an appearance on the red carpet and some were worn by members of world royalty.

Samer Halimeh is notably known for “unearthing” the Ocean Blue Diamond, which is one of the world’s rarest diamonds.

This find, along with the Vivo Per Lei diamond, led him to attract many fans amongst the industry’s experts, who would eagerly wait for his next creation.

Vivo Per Lei diamond – Samer Halimeh

His wide cultural and historical knowledge also helped him deal with a major clientele ranging from the East to Western Europe, all the way to the Far East.

He mastered the process of diamond trading, starting as an outsider, working his way into the “inner circle,” and producing masterpieces for “the one percent of the one percent.”

Currently based in New York and London, Halimeh has been making headlines, dazzling the world with his masterpieces of rare diamonds.

His creation made it on Tiffany Trump’s finger, an engagement diamond ring that stunned the world, weighing more than 13 carats, and featuring an emerald-shaped center with two trapeze-cut diamonds.

Just recently, the American pop superstar Jennifer Lopez walked down the aisle wearing earrings designed by Halimeh, a stunning 27ct cluster pear-shaped set reportedly worth around $2 million.

Here is a peak at some of his masterpieces:

A 10cts+ Rare Pink Heart Shape Diamond:

A magnificent 200+ carats F-G color VVS+ white and fancy yellow diamond necklace and earrings:

Custom made with more than 130 carats of Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Shape Diamonds and G-H VVS+ Pear Shape Diamonds:

A superb Rainbow Rose Cut Diamond bracelet: