Meet The Lebanese Illustrator Using Her Culture For Exciting Content

Maya Zankoul

Lebanese people are known for their creativity in many fields. Whether it was in fashion, architecture, photography, cooking, and art, they can use their earned skills to take over the world with their originality.

One of them is Maya Zankoul, a Lebanese artist who grew up in Saudi Arabia and moved back to her home country to pursue her studies in design.

Coming back to Lebanon allowed her to see her country with a new perspective and helped her to reflect on the Lebanese lifestyle through her passion for illustrating and creating fun content for her growing fanbase.

After finding her unique love from creating exciting art, Maya first ran her comic blog, Amalgam, which was later turned into books of the same name.

Exhibiting her creative work in Lebanon and around the world, her creativity grew to the point of making and producing animated and entertaining videos for multinationals, organizations, and startups.

Since the birth of her daughter in 2017, Maya’s focus changed. She started generating quality children’s content in Arabic using animated videos, songs, educational shows, stories, series, and much more.

She co-founded Lila TV with Toni Yammine, the first Lebanese Youtube kids’ channel reflecting on Lebanese culture and specializing in content for children through educational and informative videos, activities, and more.

Since then, the channel has been growing significantly as it now boasts more than 803,000 subscribers and millions of views.

The Lebanese illustrator has also published several books, including Amalgam Vol. 2, Beirut – New York, and The Story Of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (قصة عروس الجبنة المحمصة).

Maya Zankoul is now creating posters and exciting content on her social media accounts, using her artistic vision to relate to Lebanon and the Lebanese lifestyle.

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