Meet The Lebanese Athlete Nelly Attar Who Is Breaking Cultural Stereotypes


In a region where women’s abilities are hindered by cultural and social stereotypes and even laws, some women rise to prove them wrong.

They refuse to yield to the “No you can’t because you’re a woman” and they go even farther, achieving what just a minority of men have dared to accomplish.

That is the case of Nelly Attar, a remarkable young Lebanese athlete who dared and conquered Mount Everest and over a dozen other peaks around the world.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Nelly Attar is indeed breaking all the stereotypes surrounding women in Lebanon and the region through her extensive career and rich-in-achievements portfolio.

Nelly Attar first started as a mental health professional, after pursuing an MRes and BSc in Psychology and specializing in general psychology.

While working as a therapist and life coach in Saudi Arabia, Nelly also offered fitness for women, since, during that time, women had limited opportunities to get active in the country.

Attar’s classes improved the lives of many women. She hence started offering more fitness sessions across Riyadh, and eventually, opened her own studio, Move, which is one of Saudi Arabia’s first dance studios.

Just a few months into launching her own business, Attar began focusing entirely on the sports industry.

Over the years, the Lebanese athlete completed tens of sports and health programs, including personal training, Nike training, and Crossfit Level 2 Training, among others.

In addition to pushing boundaries and social and cultural changes, Nelly Attar is also breaking all the stigmas revolving around women living in the region.

As an athlete, Attar took on many sports challenges and major expeditions around the world.

In 2019, she reached the top of Mount Everest. She has also climbed 14 other peaks around the world, including 4 peaks out of the Seven Summit challenge.

She has also completed 2 IronMan 70.3 races, ran 6 global marathons, and completed around 100 scuba dives in just 4 years.

Her recent venture is to become the first woman in Lebanon and the Middle East to reach K2, the world’s second-highest mountain.

K2, also known as The Savage Mountain, is considered one of the most dangerous to climb in the world because of its harsh terrain and weather.

Currently, Nelly Attar is thriving as an entrepreneur, trainer, athlete, and mountaineer.

She was also awarded for her work when she won the ‘Female Fitness Influencer of the Year Award’ for the GCC at the FIT Awards in Dubai. She was also the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Nominee by the British Council (KSA).

And Nelly Attar continues in her journey, standing as a strong inspiration of “Yes, I Can” to young women in Lebanon and the region.

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