Meet Lebanese-Parisian Fashion Designer Souraya Chalhoub


Souraya Chalhoub is a 32-year-old Lebanese-Parisian fashion designer who aims to create designs that accentuate the feminine form. 

Chalhoub first started fashion designing at the age of 13 when she designed her first pair of jeans. She views John Galliano, Azzedine Alaa, and Alexander McQueen as the ultimate fashion icons of her time.

Chalhoub aims to empower women and help them feel comfortable in their skin.

She attempts to achieve this by co-founding the Aurora Institution — a foundation committed to bringing together leaders in technology, science, art, fashion, and philanthropy to create solutions for those suffering from mental health issues. 

Chalhoub’s designs are made from stretchy materials to enhance the female form, as well as using “the transparency of the tulle, graphic shapes highlight the sensual curves of the female body to give a tattoo-like effect where the garment and the woman become one.”

Aside from empowering women, Chalhoub’s mission is also to ensure they feel safe and secure in what they wear by allowing comfort in the outfits, as well as not overexposing the body.