Meet the 10 Most Influential Fashion Bloggers in Lebanon

It is a worldwide common knowledge that we Lebanese have always taken pride in our fashionable appearance. In fact, our sense of fashion is one of our cultural characteristics. So, if you are wondering about who to refer to for fashion trends and styles in Lebanon, or if you are seeking to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends, we have some top influencer bloggers who have been doing very well in that aspect. And here are the 10 most influential ones among them: 


#1 Lana El-Sahely

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Lana El-Sahely is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, she was inspired by her mother’s love and passion for fashion. Lana is the founder of L’ Armoire De Lana, a fashion and lifestyle platform with both a magazine and an e-shop, through which she shares her fashion reviews, her styling experiences, and her exciting travels. 


#2 Nour Arida

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Nour Arida is a fashion enthusiast, a Vogue collector, an ex-fashion buyer, and a blogger that shares her lifestyle through her blog N for Nour. She always looks insanely chic with a stylish twist and has a pleasing-looking Instagram account. If you give it a look, you will probably find videos of her and her daughter, Ayla, who you will find really cute. 


#3 Karen Wazen

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London-born, Lebanese-bred, Karen Wazen is the ultimate definition of style and class. She is an eyewear designer and a stylish supermom who sees herself not as an influencer, but as a storyteller who tells stories and shares experiences through images. This young lady is a mother of three, a boy and twin girls, and her social media accounts are full of cute videos and photos of her small family.


#4 Jessica Kahawaty

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Jessica Kahwaty is a Lebanese-Australian TV Host, a beauty queen, a model, and most recently the face and presenter for Yahoo Maktoob’s entertainment shows. Jessica, who won Miss World Australia 2012, is also a humanitarian and a lawyer. With a combination of style and law, Jessica’s mission is inspiring young generations, and she never fails to do so!


#5 Nathalie Fanj

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Nathalie Fanj is a Lebanese style icon that never fails to show us the true meaning of fashion. She believes that elegance is important for Middle Eastern women, and she makes sure to look elegant no matter how casual or edgy her look is. Plus, she believes that local designers are very promising, and she always wears their designs with pride.


#6 Tamara Farra

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Ever since graduating with a B.A. in Fashion Styling, Tamara Farra has been freelancing in styling and blogging. Raised in the US and France, schooled in Beirut, and graduated in Milan, she has a wide world of different cultures and fashion styles, all which has given her a plus in the fashion world. Through her blog The Stylish Mouse, Tamara shares with her readers her taste in fashion, as well as her reviews, and her lifestyle.


#7 Dana Hourani

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Dana Hourani is a Lebanese singer, songwriter, creative director, fashion blogger, and an influential public figure that has appeared in Elle Arabia and has graced the covers of Arabia Bazaar and Emirates Woman. For Dana, fashion is not only an expression of beauty but also a statement of ideology. She sees the true value of fashion in the world and expresses it stylishly. 


#8 Layal Ghosn

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Raised in Los Angeles, California, with strong Lebanese influences, Layal Ghosn spent her teen years in Beirut before she moved to Dubai. She is immersed in the fashion industry and her PR career has led her to work with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Givenchy and Aishti. Layal believes in sustainable fashion and inspires others to embrace affordable stylish brands.


#9 Ghina Ghandour

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Being among the first to join the blogging platform, Ghina Ghandour has styled her path perfectly into the fashion world. Not only does she uses her online influence to spread modern trends, but also to benefit the community by spreading charitable and awareness campaigns. This mother of two adorable girls initially studied tourism and worked for a while in the field of insurance before becoming an image consultant.


#10 Christina Karam Ramia

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The French-Lebanese fashion blogger Christina Karam Ramia has a magnificent breathtaking style.  Best known as a TV show host, she has gained her place in the fashion world. Her wedding was featured in a Vogue article called “10 Most Beautiful Arab Weddings” along with Amal Clooney’s wedding. 


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