Meet the 1st Lebanese to Win Suffolk’s Student Government Presidency

Lebanese people never cease to make us proud by shining in international skies. Wherever you go around the world you can’t but hear of successful Lebanese radiating their lights in the country they reside in.


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Karine Kanj is one of them.  Recently, her name has been dwelling in popularity among the students and the administrative and teaching bodies of the Suffolk University of Boston. Social media platforms have been sharing around her photos.

Who is this exceptional young woman who has suddenly hit fame? She is one of ours!


Karine Kanj is a young Lebanese woman from Tripoli, North of Lebanon, who resides in Boston with her family. An exceptional junior at Suffolk University, she went for the fiercely competitive contest for the presidency chair of the “Student Government”.

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This young ambitious Lebanese woman won the electoral adventure and earned the position for 2019 and 2020.  It is a first for a student of the second year at Suffolk University to be elected for that prominent role.


Even more remarkable, that position has never been before officiated by a Lebanese.  As such, she stands as the first Lebanese president for the Student Government Association (SGA).

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In an interview with The Suffolk Journal, Kanj expressed her excitement in winning the position. She shared that she was “kind of shocked” when she knew the results especially that she has been “fighting [for it] since day one”.


Kanj is currently studying Government with a concentration in Law and Public Policy. She is a member of Suffolk’s Model United Nations (MUN) as well as of many other legal, social, and financial committees.

During her visit to the Syrian refugee camps, as part of a UNHCR campaign in Lebanon, Kanj stated: “I will work to create a fund to educate children so that they can achieve their goals in life.” 

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Suffolk represents the voice of the students of the university. It works as a link between the students and the administration in order to solve their problems and concerns, making them feel comfortable on campus.


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