Meet the Lebanese Billionaire dating Trump’s daughter


Lebanese billionaire Michael Boulos was Tiffany Trump’s Thanksgiving date last November.

It all started on a vacation to Greece when Tiffany was spending time with her friend Lindsay Lohan back in July.

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Tiffany has been secretly dating Michael Boulos of Boulos Enterprises, a Nigeria-based distribution and trading company for motorcycles and power bikes.


Boulos who’s been referred to as “wealthy scion” is from Lebanese origins. He is the son of Massad Boulos who has been previously involved in politics. He grew up in Nigeria and completed his studies in the United Kingdom. 

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The Boulos family is originally from Kfaraakka, a village in the North of Lebanon. And it has been said that they regularly visit Lebanon in the holidays!


Trump introduced Boulos to her family on Thanksgiving and he came across as a very intelligent young man from a great family. 

It is still unclear if her father, the President of the United States, Donald Trump approves of the relationship or not.

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Tiffany and Michael seem to have fallen for each other after they were publicly spotted in a New York fashion show in September.