Meet The Internationally Renowned Lebanese Chef Hussein Hadid

Hussein Hadid

Lebanese chef Hussein Hadid has gained international repute for his artistic skills in food creation and presentation.

His mastership has opened for him the doors to prestigious venues in Europe and brought him to be featured in top world magazines, including Forbes, Le Figaro, Paris Worldwide, Luxsure, ParisMatch, and the likes.

Hussein Hadid’s passion for refined cuisine was infused in him by his upbringing, which paved his way to becoming the stellar chef he is today.

He grew up with his grandmother, who was the president of the Baalbeck Festival, and would spend his summers in Sawfar at his family home where his grandmother would host all the international artists.

During these occasions, Hadid would be standing by the various catering chefs, observing them at their work, and enjoying what they were preparing.

Despite his growing love for food making, Hadid did not embark on the food business but much later. Instead, he followed in his father’s footsteps in economy and finance at the age of 18.

It was but after the stock market crashed in 1987 that he quit his job to pursue his passion. He started his culinary journey in charge of an upscale Lebanese Deli owned by his cousin in London.

He then traveled to the United States to work with Abella, a well-known food and catering company, and later moved to New York City to train at the French Culinary Institute.

Equipped with a gained expertise at this stage, Hadid joined the kitchen staff at the renowned Italian restaurant San Domenico, serving food for A-listers such as Madonna and Pavarotti.

Hadid kept pouring his passion for food making for several years, acquiring exposure and more skills until he decided to become his own chef and influence the culinary world with his own creations and menus.

This is when he returned to Lebanon and opened his “art” from his own home. He turned his family estate into a professional kitchen and catering business, preparing food for high-end events.

Chef Hadid’s career includes a special invitation to the award-winning Prince de Galles Hotel to present his menu in collaboration with its famous Chef, Stéphanie Le Quellec.

He also initiated the opening of the successful restaurant Balila in Geneva, and he continues in his journey of culinary excellence and being invited by reputable institutions to create special menus, marked by his prestigious signature.

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