Meet the Lebanese Woman Earning Multiple Awards in South Africa

Yes, she’s known as The Tigress in the media circuit of South Africa and she claims high and loud that she is Lebanese and very proud of it. Meet Leanne Manas,  an impressive achiever, a multiple award-winning TV presenter, a renowned media leader, a radio host, a featured speaker, a humanitarian, and an MC and style icon, to name the most relevant. It has been said that “her ability to move seamlessly between media platforms can, in part, be contributed to her roots.”


It has become evident that many Lebanese are breaking all barriers in pursuit of their dreams and achieving the goals of their ambitions. We haven’t been short of reasons to be impressed, especially when these achievements are recognized in foreign countries and around the world.

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It touches us with even more pride and admiration when it is about a Lebanese woman, for the only reason that our women have had it tough in breaking barriers in the homeland where opportunities to bloom their potential are limited by patriarchal restrictions. And when it comes to achieving a top-level in a foreign country, where challenges are not minimal, it makes us want to stand in ovation.


That is the case of Leanne Manas, a Lebanese who has distinguished herself with her great work and made herself a bright name in South Africa, for being on top of her game. Voted one of South Africa’s Most Awesome Women in the Cosmopolitan magazine, she also won the Crystal Award of the People’s magazine for Best Female TV Presenter in Africa for three years running. 

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During her outstanding on-air career, Leanne has held the lead anchor role for
three national and local government elections, and two presidential inaugurations as well as hosting several State of the Nation addresses and national budget
announcements, prominent business shows that have earned her high recognition, and extensive radio work for leading stations in South Africa, such as SAfm, East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM, and Radio Algoa.


South Africans await her to appear on their screen. Every weekday, they wake up to Leanne Manas delivering news and conducting interviews on Morning Live, a “hard-hitting news broadcast.”

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From Oprah Winfrey to Nelson Mandela, Leanne has interviewed numerous high-profile personalities, heads of states, influential thoughts leaders, and local and international celebrities.


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Her unwavering and sharp professionalism has made her a well-sought featured speaker at prominent events of high-profile corporations, among which Mercedes, Emirates, Vodacom, Netbank, Alexander Forbes, and SAA Discovery. 


A top in-demand master of ceremony as well, Manas counts among her clients worldwide reputable companies like BMW, Audi, Lufthansa, Toyota, Standard Bank, Murry and Roberts, and the like.

In her interview with Home Magazine in Johannesburg, Leanne mentioned that as much as she is South African, ‘the DNA and the blood flowing through her veins are Lebanese.’ She’s certainly proud to proclaim it and goes revealing how successful Lebanese women have been in South Africa.

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In her words, “Women here are exceptionally successful, especially Lebanese women. They have done a great job and have been recognized in their field and are highly respected. I’ve noticed that, in South Africa, they push women; they want women to succeed. They need women to go ahead. We’re perhaps the only government in the world to have a 50% parity between men and women.”

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Leanne Manas is not only a successful professional woman. She’s the mother of two children, assuming both roles and responsibilities; a difficult challenge as she’s always pending to ensure the balance between both. 


Nevertheless, she asserts that she wouldn’t have reached this success if it wasn’t for her support system at home. Even with such an impressive career, Manas is family-oriented and considers her children “her greatest achievements.” 

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There is another remarkable aspect of Leanne’s life journey worth mentioning here. She is a humanitarian at heart and in action, always involved in charity work and always willing to lend a hand wherever she can.


That part of her life is not minimal. In fact, in January 2019, she was appointed UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for her committed support for the UNCHR’s work and her enormous charity work. 

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With all that, Leanne Manas has not forgotten her home country nor does she miss visiting it when she can. From its side, Lebanon has made it a point to recognize her for her success and outstanding work and Foreign Affairs Minister Gebran Bassil awarded her accordingly during her latest trip to Lebanon.


Leanne tweeted in appreciation, “Thank you to the Government of Lebanon for the incredible recognition! Foreign affairs Minister Gebran Bassil – there is no better feeling than to be appreciated for the work one does. Thank you for recognizing me for my work, passion, and dedication to what’s close to my heart!”

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Leanne Manas is an icon for the strong, hard-working, and determined Lebanese women who balance their career and motherhood successfully. Nothing but applause for her and all these exceptional Lebanese women shining in their various fields!


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