Meet the Real Women of the Lebanese Revolution

At this day and time, Lebanon needs a wide collaboration of all ages, residences, status, and gender. One category has remarkably stood out, though; this category consists of Lebanese women. They, like every protester, are seeking a better Lebanon for their families, for their children and for themselves, each contributing in her own way, and all for one cause.  Today, we want to introduce them to you, for not all of them have been in the spotlight of this Revolution by the international mainstream media, and even some local ones have missed them.


#1 The Fearless

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These Lebanese women protesters don’t let fear hold them back. They are determined to face anything to make their voices heard and bring the change the nation is eager for. 


#2 The influential mother figure

Via Aziz Taher

They are the mature mothers and spokeswomen of the Revolution. They go around advising everybody on patriotism, speaking up for the revolution and its must. They are all those you see among the protesters, imparting wisdom, infusing faith in the outcome, and breaking any quarrel that happens during the protest.


#3 The Miracle’s Seeker

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These are the women making use of their most valuable weapon: their prayers. Even in the heart of the protest and despite their accumulated pain, you’ll find them uttering prayers for safety and the miracle the nation is working for these past weeks. 


#4 The photographer

Via Julia Neumann

These women are in the revolution for three reasons: to claim their rights, to immortalize the moments for the generations to come, and to show the world the truth of the revolution in its different events. We’re thankful for them because they are doing their vital part, documenting this historic event.


#5 The mother

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These are the mothers of the revolution, the young and the not so young. They join their voices and stances to the protests for the love of their children and the life they want for them as citizens of this country. They don’t leave their children behind. They bring them along so they can learn the true meaning of patriotism and the strength to always demand their rights.


#6 The food and water provider

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These are the angels in disguise of the revolution. Not only do they care about their country and their own demands, but they also deeply care about their fellow protesters. They are participating in the protest, yet at the same time making sure that everyone is fed and hydrated so they can keep going.


#7 The environmentalist

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These are the women of the revolution who are ensuring their cities remain clean after the protests. They are the ones waking up every morning at 8 AM to clean up the streets, and even throughout the day ensuring that recycling is done.


#8 The courageous who stands her ground

Via Patrick Baz

These are the courageous women who persist in doing what they deem right and won’t stop at anything. No threat or force is great enough to diminish their will power.


#9 The Yogis 

Via Luna Safwan

These are the serene women of the revolution who, while persisting in taking a stance of protest, remain grounded as they bring in positive energy all around them.


#10 The leader in her community

Via Finbar Anderson

These are our women leaders who gather their communities and groups, lead the way and stand as role models, infusing strength and empowering all around them.


#11 The Socialite

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With them, the protest ground will never be empty or low numbered. Rest assured that if one is coming, the whole squad is coming with them for emotional and physical support. These are the socialites and jet setters in the revolution.


#12 The young girls

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These are the future women of our society, the very young protesters seeking a better world to live in and contribute to in the homeland. 


#13 The dreamer

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These are the dreamers of a better Lebanon, envisioning how amazing Lebanon is going to be for them and all once the revolution is achieved. They are the women of the revolution motivated by their dreams. 


#14 The University Professor

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Yes, indeed, they are also among the protesters, the teachers and Ph.D. professors who know that this revolution has become the only way to make Lebanon a better place to live. 


#15 The Energy-Infuser

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These are the mood-lifters of the revolution, the energy-infusers you see in the protests, cheering, singing, dancing, interacting with fellow protesters, and spreading positivity all around.


#16 The grandmother

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Our grandmothers have been active participants of the revolution, bringing in their own love and demands, they who have lived most of their lives under the severe conditions in the country. This one in the video, we had to celebrate her by sharing it with you today. She has gained our hearts. At last, she has something to celebrate!


#17 The brave one

Via Symphorien Giroux

These are the women of the revolution who have been facing assaults and injustice first-hand while practicing their rights for democracy and freedom of speech and for which they get attacked. They remain determined to resume their sit-in and protests whatever what.


#18 The fighter

These are the women of the revolution who are not afraid to counter abuse and defend themselves and those around them. They stand as guardians and defenders of their fellow protesters.


#19 The resilient

Via Hassan Ammar

We are defining them as resilient here yet they are even beyond that. They are brave, they are courageous, they are unstoppable, they are simply extraordinary, for they have been standing as a role model of all that to all around. 


#20 The Educator

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These are the educators of the revolution. They have been imparting daily amid the protests their knowledge pertinent to the ongoing.  You see them on the streets and in the alleys and gardens, surrounded by citizens of all ages and walks of life, eager to know their civic and legal rights and duties, and what must come next, constitutionally. 


#21 The Filmmaker and Producer

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These are our women in the film industry, achievers in their fields, joining their voices and forces to the revolution, and empowering the protesters with their presence. 


#22 The Artist

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These are among the artists of the Lebanese revolution, allocating their artistic creativity, not only on the walls of our streets but also with revolutionary illustrations and graphic designs shared online; all with one purpose: to send powerful and inspiring statements. 


#23 The University Student

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These are the young women who probably have the most important reason to be protesting. They study hard to secure a good career for a good and secure life standard. They want to be able to collect the fruits of their hard work from the trees they want to plant in the homeland.


#24 The Expatriate

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Yes, their role in the revolution has been significant, them in the diaspora supporting with their voices and stances for all the world to see, for they want a better Lebanon to come back to. 


#25 The Bride

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These are the women whom we’ve seen amid the protesters, determined not to miss a day of protest, not even on their very special day. A wedding amidst the revolution is definitely a day they will remember forever, and so will the nation.


#26 The Singer

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Lebanese famous singers have been also taking part in the protest; influential women which amazing presence and great energy have been empowering to their fellow protesters and a call for their fans to follow the lead.


#27 The doctor

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Of course, they are also among the women of the revolution, these doctors and residents who have the same passion and same dream for a better Lebanon like their fellow protesters.


#28 The Blogger and writer

Via Nicholas Frakes

These are the Lebanese women of the revolution, capturing the moments, writing about the events, and updating their online network in Lebanon and abroad. They have been writing Lebanon’s new history as it unfurls daily, documenting real-life events day by day.

These narratives will remain for the generations to come, for eagerness will exist in the hearts of the future Lebanese people to dive into these moments of those who made it possible for them to live in a better Lebanon.


How can we even assume that not all women of all ages and professions are involved in the revolution? This is their revolution. Every one of them is the beauty and strength of this national movement, fighting peacefully, bravely, and gracefully for a better Lebanon. These, my friends, are the women of the Lebanese revolution!

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