Meet the Regiments of the Civil Parade of Lebanon 76th Independence Day

The 76th Independence Day parade is the first-ever Civil Parade to take place in Lebanon. This year the Lebanese wanted to show their unity, and independence in a special way. There were 41 Regiments in the Civil Parade representing everyone in Lebanon; all those who concur with the urgent must of reforms that the revolution is all about. 


#1 The Mothers’ Regiment

Via @Al Joumhouria

Mothers and their children made a statement with their participation as a regiment of the parade: They support the Revolution for a better Lebanon for their children and families. They want the reforms.


#2 The Fathers’ Regiment

Via @Annahar

The participation of Lebanese fathers had its own statement. They are as part of this revolution as everyone wanting reforms and a country free of corruption and divisiveness so they can provide a decent life for their families.


#3 The Students’ Regiment

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They have been the heart of this revolution, asking for their rights to affordable education and a country that affords them work opportunities without political and partisanship discrimination.


#4 The National Industry’s Regiment

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Supporting and encouraging Lebanon’s own production is a must for the healthy economy that the people of the revolution are demanding, and the stability of those working in that field.


#5 The Artists’ Regiment

Via @IMLebanon

Art has always been a vital element of our culture, and the Lebanese artists in their various categories have been very much part of this revolution. 


#6 The Medical Regiments

Via @IMLebanon

Doctors and pharmacists are not only asking for their rights but also for the rights of their patients to a highly conscious health care system that doesn’t deprive the already-deprived of being treated in hospitals.  


#7 The Pots’ Regiment

Via @Lebanon24

They were the loudest, as they have been for nights in a row, hoping that the banging of the pots and pans would wake up the government to the people’s needs.


#8 The Special Needs’ Regiment


Probably one of the few regiments that the government has given very little or nothing at all. They deserve all care and attention. With all the difficulties they face, they would not miss joining in to make their statement for reforms and a decent life.


#9 The Engineers’ Regiment

As you’ve figured it out by now, the revolution is “for all meaning for all” and by everybody and all sectors. The engineers joining in, with helmets of the Lebanese Flag’s colors, made such a statement loud and clear. 


#10 All of them together

Finally, all of them in one video, marching for a better Lebanon.


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