Melhem Khalaf Just Launched A Rescue Campaign For Lebanon

Melhem Khalaf Just Launched A Rescue Campaign For Lebanon

On Monday, the head of the Beirut Bar Association, Melhem Khalaf, announced a campaign that aims to rescue the state and recover it from the current ruling class.

Titled “Together We Recover the State – 2020 Independence,” the campaign is an initiative that deals with the present crises in Lebanon and seeks to rescue the country from its turmoil.

“The principles of this initiative are insofar an implementation of the constitution, and is based on the scale of the people’s pains and hopes,” Khalaf said at the opening of the campaign launch.

He continued: “We will not accept the continued collapse and attrition of the state, we will restore the state together,” affirming that constructive debate is welcome in regards to the initiative.

The rescue campaign is the product of months of work, calls, and meetings, in collaboration with various associations, universities, and groups, including associations of the October 17 uprising.

The initiative is made up of two stages: The first is rescue-oriented, and the second is reformative, with the ultimate objective being contributing to save Lebanon from the consequences of mismanagement and irresponsibility of the current political authority.

As Khalaf puts it: “It is a roadmap to get out of the moral crisis that has been imposed on public life.”

The first stage lasts between 9 and 12 months, during which there will be, as a first step, pressure for forming “an effective, purposeful, just, and reliable government of independent specialists, with specific and limited legislative powers within a specified time limit.”

As for the second stage, it aims at the establishment of an elected parliament “outside the confessional and sectarian chains,” which, in turn, guarantees the formation of a new government that continues along the road of reforms, lays the foundations for ending the confessional system, and performs other progressive tasks.

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