Members of the Nabatieh Municipal Council in South Lebanon Resigned

As another attempt to repress the protests and re-open the roads and commercial markets, protesters in Nabatiyeh were exposed to assaults on Wednesday the 23rd of October. This attack was made by the municipal police and Hezbollah supporters, which led to four confirmed resignations from Nabatiyeh municipal council a day later.


According to MTV News, Tarek Bitar, Mohammad Sabah, Abbas Wehbe, and Ahmad Daher announced their resignation following the recent altercation in which the protesters were dealt with brutally, including by the municipal police.

From its side, the National News Agency is claiming that only three resigned, and Tarek Bitar denied his resignation as per the Legal-Agenda blog.

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During this attack, protesters were beaten up with sticks, while others were recording live to their social media, calling Lebanon to see and help. The incident resulted in at least 25 people being injured.

It is essential to say that the protest in the area has been completely peaceful like across Lebanon, and yet the protesters have been aggressed several times by the political gangs of the region.

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On Thursday, the protesters in cooperation with the Lebanese army made an effort to ensure that Wednesday’s incident won’t be repeated. People protested while keeping the roads open and with the presence of the army.

This incident didn’t keep people from protesting and expressing their right to a peaceful demonstration. On the contrary, the number of people on the street was on the rise; even people from neighboring areas marched to Nabatiyeh, chanting to the revolution and claiming an end to all kinds of suppression.


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These resignations came as a statement that the municipal council (or at least these members) don’t approve of this assault that happened in their name. It also verifies that they are supportive of the movement of their people.

Nabatiyeh is the second-largest city in the south of Lebanon. It has been attracting a big number of protesters since last Thursday, each with his or her own struggles and demands; no one has the right to stop these people from expressing themselves.


This cause means so much to the Lebanese people that even protesters in Nabatiyeh, who have been attacked numerous times during these past 9 days, are coming back stronger and higher in numbers each time. We wish everyone to be safe out there.

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