13 Things You Can Do This Week In Lebanon To End 2021 In A Memorable Way

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2021 was tough on everybody in Lebanon and at so many levels. Thankfully, 2021 is ending very soon and a new year will begin with renewed hopes for a better tomorrow.

Now, and during the holidays, it is time to unwind and have fun, and chill with your family and friends before going back to the routine of work and stress.

Here is what you can do this week in Lebanon to destress as the hard year of 2021 finally comes to an end.

#1 Skate the stress away in Horsh Beirut

There is a new skate park in Horsh Beirut, the Snoubar skate park, where you can spend a thrilling afternoon skateboarding with your friends. If you haven’t done it before, it’s a good time to challenge yourself and learn it on site.

It’s fun, exhilarating, and empowering.

#2 Take a group visit to a museum

Exploring a museum is more exciting than generally assumed, and Lebanon has quite a good variety that makes the options interesting.

The MIM Museum with its fascinating collections of rocks is a great choice if you are not up to art and antiquities exhibitions. Otherwise, the Sursock Museum is always a great place of arts to visit or the National Museum of Beirut that exhibits facets of Lebanon’s glorious past.

You might want to also consider checking the Aram Bezikian Museum in Byblos featuring three exhibits of the Armenians’ history and continue to the exciting Byblos Wax Museum.

Want to lift your mood with happy vibes, check the Hall of Fame in Zouk Mosbeh where the controversial figures are made of silicone instead of wax.

You may also want to consider enjoying a tour of the Moussa Castle and check the Marie Baz Museum, which is the former castle of Emir Fakhr El-Din, in Deir El-Qamar while you are in the region.

#3 Have great cocktail times with your friends at a pub

Head to Gemmayze and sip a cocktail with your friends to kiss the last days of 2021 goodbye. Discover a new hidden bar every day in that vibrant part of Beirut until the end of the week, and cheer for the Lebanese resilience!

#4 Ladies’ Brunch Out

Have a lady’s day with your girlfriends and go on a brunch, drink some refreshing mimosas, and enjoy the nice food and the cheerful ambiance.

#5 Home party till sunrise

Throw a party at your place, prepare some delicious meals, and enjoy a nice evening with your friends. And why not make it a funky pajama party, turning it into a sleepover? You will have fun, and laugh until sunrise.

#6 Enjoy Lebanon’s snowy mountains

Lebanon’s climate and natural environment make it easy for you to enjoy every season. Since the snow season has started with all that it offers of winter activities, head to the mountains with your friends to enjoy skiing or snowshoeing, or just to revive your inner-child with a friendly snowball battle.

#7 Smash your frustrations away

Do so in a healthy and safe environment where you can destress and unleash all your 2021 bottled-up frustrations. There are specially equipped venues in Lebanon that can afford you exactly that. They are there for people to literally shatter away their anger, stress, and frustrations, even pressure one didn’t know having.

Recreational smashing has been widely promoted around the world for its mental health benefits, relieving pressure while affording one to have fun and a new memorable experience.

Warning: Please don’t do that at home or at work or in any public place as there is no benefit to it and is harmful and illegal. Head instead to any of these recreational smashing facilities available in the country.

#8 Escape room

There are many Escape Rooms in the country where you can have an amazing time teaming up with your friends and competing. It is a lot of fun and strengthens relationships.

#9 Enjoy your city and beyond like a tourist

We tend to take for granted what has been there all around us for so long or overlook the interesting and beauty of what is familiar to us.

Playing the tourist in your own city or beyond is actually a remarkably revealing practice, as you get to look at many things in your city with the tourists’ eyes and appreciate them.

You’ll be surprised how entertaining it is, especially if you take the walk with your friends… camera in hand.

#10 Game night marathon

There are a few days left to kick out 2021 and you can embark on a board game marathon with your friends, enjoying every evening until the end of the year, playing fun games, lightening up the mood further with some drinks.

Jenga, monopoly, cards, twister, 7ZAR SHOU (a Lebanese charade with a twist), FHEMT 3LEK, (the Lebanese version of Codenames Board Game), and more.  They are all great fun!

#11 Have an exciting road trip

Get into your car with your partner or friends and hit the road towards any of Lebanon’s amazing sites or villages. Road trips in Lebanon are invigorating and exciting with every destination not so far away and captivating sceneries all the way.

Plus, the good moments start in the car with your music playlist on and all singing along.

#12 Tour Christmas markets

Many Christmas villages are taking place this year and the vibes are amazing. You can go to as many as you want and spend your night touring them with your friends or family. You will be also supporting local businesses by buying local products.

#13 Take a guided sightseeing tour

CitySightseeing Lebanon has many tour programs planned around the year, and are more particularly fun this week with Christmas vibes. These tours are a lot of funs and take away from you the hassle of organizing and riding. They have several packages and some include lunch depending of the destination.

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13 Things You Can Do This Week In Lebanon To End 2021 In A Memorable Way

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