Where To Go If You’re Struggling With Mental Health In Lebanon

List updated: 26/02/2021

Mental health is a right and as important as physical health. It is a matter of well-being. And, whether the issue is “just a phase” or chronic, people struggling with it are entitled to treatment, support, respect, and dignity.

There have been numerous awareness campaigns in that regard and the stigma barrier that surrounds mental health in Lebanon is slowly being lifted, even though many still consider it an issue better not discussed.

Apart from stigma, financial costs in Lebanon have prevented many from seeking help, adding that there is currently no fixed governmental budget directed to mental health in Lebanon.

However, mindful Lebanese citizens have stepped up through the years to provide that support and specialized assistance, establishing not-for-profit centers. They are included in the list below: 

#1 Embrace

Embrace is a non-profit organization (NGO) that works to raise awareness around mental health in Lebanon and provide assistance to prevent suicide. It aims to ensure that people with mental illness are respected and empowered.

It provides people with the ability to access appropriate care without the constraints of lack of knowledge, shame. They also operate a hotline of support.

  • Emergency Number: 1564


IDRAAC is a non-profit NGO dedicated to mental health. In addition to research, awareness, and community services,  its specialized members in psychiatry, psychology, nursing, and social workers are involved in delivering clinical services to patients and their families. IDRAAC also provides free trauma counseling. 

  • Address: Achrafieh, St. George Hospital Street
  • Emergency Number: 76 100576
  • For more information click here

#3 M.I.N.D

MIND offers state of the art psychiatric and psychological services for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. A group of mental health specialists psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical assistants provide 24/7 availability.

They provide all types of services, including home and online diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient services, and 24-hour emergency services.  

  • Address: St. Georges Hospital University Medical Center or Ras Beirut –
    Specialty clinics
  • Emergency Number: 03 730475
  • For more information click here

#4 Cedar Rehab

Cedar Rehab is an NGO dedicated to providing addiction rehabilitation and a prevention program to patients who suffer from substance abuse.

It is a modern residence nestled on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Hammana in the Metn region of Mount Lebanon. They commit to the welfare of patients as well as their families throughout the residential period and beyond.

  • Address: Hammana, Mount Lebanon – Lebanon
  • Contact Number: 03 104 345
  • For more information click here

#5 Oum El-Nour 

Oum El-Nour is a Lebanese not-for-profit organization committed to serving individuals through helping them overcome their addiction, in order to attain a healthy society characterized by sustainable growth.

  • Address: Oum el Nour Building,  St. Joseph Street, Antoura, Keserouan 
  • Contact Number: 09 239282/3    /   09 237283
  • For more information click here

#6 Skoun 

Skoun is a non-profit NGO and outpatient therapeutic facility that offers treatment and prevention for drug users. They aim to help people deal with their addiction problems in a nonjudgmental and caring environment.

  • Address #1:  Rafik Hariri University Hospital, Auxiliary Villa 3, Jnah, Lebanon
  • Contact Number #1: 01845503 / 01845512
  • Address #2: Baalbeck Governmental Hospital, 2nd floor in the second building Baalbeck, Lebanon
  • Contact Number:  70 125868 / 08 370880
  • For more information click here

#7 Restart Center

Restart is an NGO center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, Torture, War, and related Trauma. It emerged from the need to rebuild the lives of Torture and Trauma survivors in Lebanon. It aims to restore dignity, health, mental health, and self-sufficiency for the surviving victims and their families.

  • Address #1: Tripoli, Lebanon Sabalbal & Weli Bldg., Residence 5, Dam & Farez Street
  • Contact Number: 06 410 577 / 06 411451
  • Address #2: Beirut, Lebanon, Furn El-Chebbak, Bou Chedid Center, Main street
  • Contact Number #2: 01 291 066 / 01 291 067 / 76 70 80 83
  • For more information click here

#8 No Label 

No Label is Lebanon’s first anti-bullying NGO. It aims to fight bullying by empowering its stakeholders using modern techniques in education and psycho-social support. It applies a holistic approach based on the belief that bullying doesn’t only involve an aggressor and a victim. 

#9 Marsa

Marsa is a non-profit NGO that provides sexual health care for everyone in complete confidentiality, MEdical testing, counseling, and psychosocial counseling for people living with HIV, as well as psychosexual counseling and couples therapy.

  • Address:  Badaro, Traboulsy Street, Karim Bechara Building, 2nd Floor. At the Tayouneh roundabout, take a right after Sunflower theatre. 
  • Contact Number:  01 380515
  • For more information click here

#10 Himaya Daeem Aataa (HDA)

A non-profit Lebanese association located in Zgharta –North Lebanon, HDA provides a core program of social, psychological, educational, economic, and advocacy, and is involved in several programs related to the psychosocial part of the community.

  • Address: Michel Kaadou Bldg, ground floor, Saydet Zgharta Street, Zgharta.
  • To contact: 3 406 888
  • For more information, visit here.

#11 Sympaticus

Sympaticus is a mobile app that can be downloaded free of charge and offers a subscription-based customized treatment plan developed and delivered by qualified therapists.

  • To download Sympaticus, click here

#12 CDLL – Cénacle De La Lumière

A nonprofit established in 2006, CDLL has been working since then in the field of community development and youth protection, offering free consultation in mental health, and running addiction recovery programs and prevention.

“Through its team of experts in psychiatry, health, psychology, nursing, and social workers, CDLL offers free of charge consultation in Mental Health, Health, and addiction recovery in its Youth Cap center in Mar Mikhael, Beirut for families and their children,” CDLL Marketing Coordinator Celine Frem told The961.

  • Helpline: 81211311
  • Appointment for Free consultation: 71446746
  • For more information, visit here.