20+ Mesmerizing Photos Of Kfarhelda, A Hidden Gem In Lebanon

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About 2 hours drive from Beirut, towards the north, is a wonderful piece of Lebanon cradled in the gorgeous valley of Bsetines Al-Ossi, a hidden gem called Kfarhelda where mother nature expands in glorious beauty.

With its luxuriant greenery, mesmerizing waterfalls, fertile land, and breathtaking views, Kfar Helda feels surreal. Yet, it is there, a covert paradise that was once home to a Roman temple, and remnants of churches and monasteries are there to whisper their middle-age era.

Kfarhelda or Kfar Helda is mostly lovely in spring and summer for the open natural space it offers for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, swimming in its river, or just enjoying a picnic or a nice meal at one of its restaurants.

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