13 Messed Up Ways People Totally Destroyed The Hummus

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Okay- some people dip carrots and cucumbers into hummus and that’s fine, but how about the people who transform hummus into a dessert? What is this new obsession with dessert hummus anyway?!

There are very good reasons why hummus has gained so much popularity worldwide, becoming a global celebrity on its own rights, and a hundreds-million industry in the United States alone.

But to dramatically ruin its authentic super-delicious super-nutritious recipe into something else and still call it hummus is seriously beyond shocking for us Lebanese.

That is what has been happening as well with our dear tabbouleh and the dozens of messed-up ways people overseas have ruined it… (to their loss!)

With the hummus, that’s even worse! (Have your 7-Up at your side, you’re going to need it for this…)

#1 They made it gingerbread flavored

And we’re truly not interested in knowing how they came up with that concoction, like really not interested at all.

#2 Key Lime and Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake hummus

An abomination indeed…

#3 Snickerdoodle hummus

The packaging reads, “What are you delighted by today?”… Definitely not by what you wrongly call hummus, sir.

#4 Pumpkin Spice hummus

Pumpkin spice, really? No, some people have no limits.

#5 Hummus milkshake

OMG….think we just died inside. Get the may zaher, quick!

#6 Ah, yes – chocolate hummus – saw that coming

Mercy… mercy…. The hummus recipe has been lost in translation…!

#7 With grapes too…

They claim this one healthier because it’s plant-based and vegan… Someone tells them please that the authentic hummus is vegan and stop messing it up…

Yuck.. Are you feeling that in your Lebanese guts right now? Ew… (7-Up please, quickly!)

#9 Marmite hummus

They missed the most important nutritious ingredient of the hummus, the Tahini, and used Marmite instead, a by-product of beer brewing, a food spread made from yeast extract. You really don’t want to try that, do you?

#10 Hummus of the pumpkin season

Any problem with the authentic pumpkin pie?

#11 Slapping bacon into it

Hummus is meant to be vegan, dude…

#12 Spinach hummus…?

Make it stop…

#13 Making it into pasta sauce

No, just no. Stick to the Alfredo sauce for your pasta and leave the hummus alone…

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