Mexico Is Holding a Protest in Solidarity for Lebanon!

The protests and vigils in solidarity for Lebanon keep progressing exponentially to now reaching Latin America, and specifically Mexico. We were just contacted by the organizers in Mexico City, informing us of their desire and efforts to stand by the Lebanese people in the homeland, supporting their endeavors. 


Mexico City’s peaceful manifestation will take place on Oct 20th, in front of the Lebanese Embassy, starting from 11 AM local time. The organizers invite everybody to come along wearing white or red t-shirts.

United for Lebanon, as the slogan of their event says, they will be joining their voices to those in the homeland and our fellow Lebanese across the world, demanding the reinstatement of the Lebanese citizens to live with dignity. Mexico hosts a large Lebanese diaspora, and we will be expecting a large attendance.

Via Libanes en Mexico


Just now, as well, we’ve been contacted from Bordeaux, France, informing us that they are also joining in from their city, making them one of the many cities listed on our European Cities Holding Protest in Solidarity for Lebanon.

Via Madrid Peaceful Protest Oct 19th

They also become one of the numerous manifestations across Canada, the United States, and Australia this weekend and through to next week, adding to the city of Baghdad in Iraq. And we keep updating these lists, several times a day as the protests keep increasing in numbers, and new organizers contacting us.


Meanwhile, in Lebanon, the protests continue massively, as we wait for any change from the government that can, not just promise improvements, but their immediate implementations.

Via Al Jazeera

The people of Lebanon want to live with dignity, a basic human right that they have been deprived of for years now, and they have reached beyond what they can endure. And now, the nation has resurrected from the ashes of hardships, demanding a radical change.


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