Mia Khalifa’s Auction Raising Money For Lebanese Red Cross Just Surpassed $100,000

Mia Khalifa has been using her platform for the past week to spread awareness on the situation in Lebanon after the August 4th explosion.

Even though the ex-adult film star was shunned by her homeland, she has been relentlessly active in helping out, standing by her people, voicing out strongly what’s in their hearts against the corruption killing them, and finding ways to send donations to those in need.

In that, she stands as one of the strongest (and fearless) activism voices of the nation, doing far more than many individuals, and certainly better than those who criticize her for her past.

In addition to that, she has recently auctioned her trademark glasses on eBay to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross.

Initially, the auctioning was at a maximum of $10K, but too many have been participating in the auction. So, Mia raised the bar to $100K to help the Lebanese Red Cross back home.

According to her Instagram caption, the auction on eBay has just surpassed again the limit, in just one week!

And she just raised the bar, pushing to raise even more.

The journey hasn’t ended yet, the auction is still on for 3 more days.

Mia Khalifa has been a great contender for the Lebanese, even ranting at the Lebanese president on his Instagram account, until he blocked her.

Other than the auction, she’s been donating and posting about NGOs, encouraging her friends and network to donate.

Just like all Lebanese people, Mia is done with the lies of the politicians who have brought so many sufferings on the people and the country to its demise.

She’s been shamelessly attacking them and pointing out every wrongness they do. As it shows, she isn’t intending to hold back!

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Albeh nkasar ?

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And just like many Lebanese who used to belong or be affiliated to political parties, she has renounced hers and is planning to remove a related tattoo she has.

It is not uncommon that citizens disown the leaders they once supported and voted for.

Since the revolution started, there have been many criticisms against the protesters, which sum up into the most remarkable one: “You voted for them. You deserve this!”

However, that was once upon a time when they trusted them to do right by the nation.

After all, it happens all the time, all over the world, that voters change their stances for valid reasons.

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