Mia Khalifa Is Auctioning Her Infamous Glasses To Raise Money For Lebanese Red Cross

Lebanon is undergoing a national emergency after the explosion of its capital’s port. The mushroom-like blast took lives, homes, and businesses of Beirut’s citizens and will take some time to recover.

Countries around the world are rushing to help the scarred city, sending donations directly to trusted NGOs.

Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, and many more countries have shown their support through their generous donations. The Lebanese Business Leaders in Canada are currently fundraising, and individuals are also contributing their efforts in any way they can.

No one is laying back nor relying on the many countries sending aids. Everybody wants to help.

The people in Lebanon are also pouring their efforts, using their social media platforms.

They’ve been offering their services to aid those severely impacted by the explosion. They are offering shelters, food packages, medical, psychological support, and more.

They even thought of the most crucial action to undertake that the government hasn’t even done yet. They immediately created Instagram accounts for people to help each other find the missing loved ones.

Lebanese-American Mia Khalifa is among those individuals who are pouring efforts to help, raising money to support the Lebanese Red Cross. She’s auctioning on eBay her infamous glasses that were her trademark in her adult film roles.

“Creeps are welcomed, you’re money is as green as ours!” she even captioned her post.

Her feud with the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, isn’t stopping her from doing a good deed for her country!

Believe it or not, Mia’s eyeglasses are as popular as to have attracted $99,500 in bids so far!

And here is more, she announced that she’ll auction her retainer only if she reaches $100K on her eyeglasses.

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