Mia Khalifa Just Donated Another $10,000 To The Lebanese Red Cross


On the occasion of the Beirut Blast‘s second anniversary, the Lebanese-American Mia Khalifa donated another $10,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC).

In a post on Instagram, Mia shared a photo of herself drinking Lebanese wine, expressing that this is not just wine, but a piece of Lebanon’s “happier times,” and she added a screenshot of the donation.

She expressed that before the civil war, the Beirut blast, the economic crisis, mass emigration, and the geopolitical tensions, Lebanon “was beautiful to taste the aged white wine that’s darkened and soured a little just like the country where the grapes grew.”

“The Lebanese just want to love, eat, dance, and die peacefully on our beautiful land and be buried in the soil that grows these magical grapes,” she added.

This is not the first time that the Lebanese-American has supported her homeland and its people. In December 2021, she donated $100,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross.

In February 2021, she also donated $25,000 to the LRC, and after the Beirut port explosion, she auctioned her infamous glasses for over $100,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross.

However, the auction, which was set on eBay, did not work out the way she wanted, so she decided to donate the full amount herself.

Despite Lebanon banning her, Mia Khalifa has been one of the most outspoken Lebanese activists, advocating for her homeland and openly speaking up against corruption and ruling officials.

That has earned her backlashes by some political partisans, even getting blocked on social media by politicians, including the Lebanese president, Michel Aoun.

But that hasn’t stopped her a bit and she continues to stand for Lebanon, speaking up and supporting when she can.

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