Auction For Mia Khalifa’s Glasses Fell Through, But She Just Donated $100,000 Herself


Lebanese-American media personality and model Mia Khalifa has become one of the most influential voices of independent Lebanese people.

Even though Lebanon banned her, she has not given up on her home country where she has become quite popular for openly speaking up against corruption.

After the terrifying blast of August 4, she started using her platform to support disaster relief initiatives by sharing their posts with her followers and launched her own to raise funds for the devastated Beirut.

She did so by auctioning off the notorious “Mia Khalifa glasses” to donate 100% of the funds to the Lebanese Red Cross, an independent organization working for, and totally trusted by, the Lebanese people.

Having become a trademark since the days of her past career, Mia’s glasses are recognizable worldwide. Her Instagram bio says it all, “Are you even a brown girl with glasses if you haven’t been called “Mia Khalifa”?”

At a certain point, the auction hit $100,000 and kept climbing, earning her numerous positive comments of gratitude by the Lebanese on Twitter.

Award-winning independent journalist Luna Safwan even tweeted:

Unfortunately, her auction on eBay, which attracted 8 bidders, did not work out as she wanted.

That didn’t stop her from doing what she had set her mind to.

She removed the glasses from the online auction and decided to donate funds herself saying, “This money is getting to you no matter what it does to my credit score.”

She just personally donated $100K directly to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Mia Khalifeh

She said she might auction the glasses for charity in the future.

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