Michael B. Jordan & Other Celebrities Are Drooling Over Lebanese Chicken

Lebanese chicken
Robyn BECK l Atyab farooj - أطيب فروج

Lebanese cuisine ranks among the world’s best, especially regarding delicious food.

We all appreciate its culinary treasures, from traditional recipes to innovative twists.

It’s not just us who adore Lebanese cuisine; it seems that anyone who experiences it and knows about it, especially dishes featuring chicken and garlic, falls in love.

Recently, the renowned chicken restaurant “Atyab Farooj” gained widespread exposure on social media for its mouthwatering chicken dishes.

They shared an Instagram reel showcasing the creation of a Farouj and chicken burger, documenting each step from grilling the chicken on charcoal and beyond.

The reel received numerous comments and shares, with the delightful surprise of many celebrities joining the conversation.

Among them was actor and producer Michael B. Jordan, who expressed enthusiasm with two mouthwatering emojis.

Moreover, several other international celebrities were captivated by the reel and expressed a keen interest in trying Lebanese chicken.

This sentiment was echoed by many bloggers, YouTubers, and personalities, including American Canadian television host Nathaniel Eugene Burleson, who remarked: “The way that chicken is falling off the body got me reaching for my passport!”

With over 3 million likes and shares, as well as more than 20,000 comments, the reel has left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

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