Fact Check: Did Michel Hayek Really Say That 2021 Will Be Worse Than 2020?

People panicked when they read headlines that quoted Michel Hayek claiming next year would be worse than this year.

Many openly say they don’t believe in his predictions, but many more do wait to hear from him, whether for the thrill of it or by curiosity. Or they probably believe it all.

With all that the Lebanese have gone through, to-date, of unending series of crises, there has been a general consensus around that the year 2020 has been the worst year ever. And it’s not even halfway through.

While meme culture loves to poke fun at it, it’s only typical that people would flip if they were told that next year would be worse. After all, we tend to be fatalists in our country, understandably so.


Michel Hayek allegedly tweeted, “If I tell you about 2021, you’ll have mercy on 2020!” Which practically means, we’ll miss 2020.

A handful of smalltown online news outlets picked up this tweet and reported that Michel Hayek said next year would be worse than this one. It made the locals go into panic mode, imagining what could be worse than this.


The fact is: Michel Hayek never said that! In fact, the Lebanese Nostradamus doesn’t even have a Twitter account. The account that tweeted that quote was a parody account.


Michel Hayek’s yearly predictions are a well-known feat of classic New Year’s Eve entertainment in Lebanon.

Whether you believe in his foretellings or not, it’s hard to deny that many of his predictions about this year came true.

On December 31st, 2019, he called 2020 “the year of madness” so it’s only natural that when people saw the headlines that Michel Hayek said 2021 would be worse, they panicked.

So, for those who believe in his predictions, rest assured, it’s all a hoax.