These Are Michel Hayek’s 2021 Predictions For Lebanon

In 2021, or the “Year of No Title,” as he labeled it, Michel Hayek predicts many major developments for Lebanon – both good and bad – on various levels.

These predictions range from mass resignations and a new uprising to big shifts in Lebanon’s standing in the region, in addition to many other interesting political, economic, financial, and social events and changes.


Lebanon Will Give Cash To Families Monthly Until The End Of 2020
  • A tsunami of retreats, withdrawals, and resignations from the highest positions, reaching even the smallest civil and even military jobs.
  • The yeast of October 17th, 2019 will rise in the bread of the 2021 uprising.
  • The port’s mysteries, to exposure.
  • Your anxiety from Israel is in its place.
  • To achieve its biggest objectives, Hezbollah will use all kinds of weapons, except its own.
  • Movable and immovable properties of a party, subject to liquidation.
  • President Michel Aoun: With him, all predictions fall.
  • Michel Hayek also made predictions for the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Here is Michel Hayek’s full Lebanon 2021 forecast:

Corruption, Electricity, Vengeance wave, and More

Furious Protesters Set The Lebanese Central Bank On Fire
Independent Arabia
  • The illicit enrichment law makes its way, and it has major ramifications, some of which touch the borders of blood and crime.
  • A wave of vengeance, abuse, and burning awfully reaches the sanctities and properties of leaders, politicians, officials, and big heads.
  • A tsunami of retreats, withdrawals, and resignations from the highest positions, reaching even the smallest civil and even military jobs.
  • A scene and more than one scene will heal people’s anger when they see people humiliating, insulting, and wiping the floor with a number of corrupt state employees.
AP Photo/Bilal Hussein
  • In images and audio, we will witness the questioning of those who got paid and did not work; those who forged; those who appointed; those who defrauded; those who were wrongfully employed; those who made laws on the size of their interests; those who exploited their positions in religion and the world. And after the questioning, we will witness the accountability.
  • The World Bank will extend us a hand, not two.
  • Electricity, then electricity. It will not remain a file and numbers and meters. Electricity will be files full of scandals, names, and numbers; The mystery of mysteries whose name is electricity, to solution, and Ali Baba’s cave, to closure, and those involved, to accountability, and after all those, electricity will come.
Unpaid Bills May Worsen Lebanon's Electricity Crisis
  • Each party of the Lebanese parties will sort a group that doesn’t carry anything of its party except for its name and the memories. We’ll see non-Socialist Socialists, non-Future Future members, non-Marada Marada members, non-Kataeb Kataeb members, non-Aounist Aounists, non-Forces Forces members, and others, even people from Amal, not from Amal, reaching youth even from Hezbollah. All of them have one unified goal of change.
  • I’m seeing battles in the real estate market.
  • I’m seeing more than one window of relief in more than one exceptional event that breaks the tourism stalemate.
Souk El-Akl
  • Despite the big economic collapse, which is growing bigger, we will see the institutions that closed their doors return to challenge the circumstances and open one of two drawers.
  • Schools and universities: Part of them closes a section of their doors, and another, smaller part closes both sections.
  • In what concerns the health sector in the upcoming stage – including hospitals, pharmacies, medicines, and others – some of its stars will turn off.
  • Regarding gold, the state’s properties, privatization, the central bank, banks, and bankruptcy: Their decision will stop at the last step; its title is bravery.
  • During the display of the scenes of the satirical, tragic, and tearful play (the financial play), we will see the money and the deposits in two big scenes. In one, we see it doing the bride’s spin; a pandemonium party; one day there’s money, one day there’s not; one day they’ve evaporated, one day they’ve returned; one day they’re in Lebanon, and one day they’re outside Lebanon.
  • In another scene, we will see a stalling party. Yes, the goal is to stall and wear you down; their war is psychological, and the issue needs patience, so have patience. Your deposits are returning – once again, even if I don’t know how.
  • The dollar’s yoyo, circus, and tricks, and the plentiful prices; all of this spiral stops at one place so that we can catch the dollar on the low and catch it on the high so that it doesn’t escape from us.
  • The yeast of October 17th, 2019 will rise in the bread of the 2021 uprising.
  • The uprising-revolution, from theoretical to practical, from the slogan “Killon yaaneh killon” (All of them means all of them) to the separation; one after the other, head after head.
  • The uprising has finished its annual recess and its judicial vacation, and it’s returning to ignite the events – peaceful and non-peaceful.
  • Among the most important of what I’m reading is this sentence: The port’s mysteries to exposure.

  • On the topic of demarcation, I want to say: With all that will accompany the demarcation process, including cautions, risks, caveats, and shocking scenes, we will be able to take, in our limited capabilities, much more than what Israel will take with its prodigiousness.
  • Regarding the topic of normalization, which is keeping the region busy, and in which Lebanon’s name is being mentioned: It will neither be how the Israelis want it nor how we want it. At the most, limited communication, in a method outside the protocols of normalization.
  • The major interests battle on the water’s surface, between the poles of oil and gas, and I’m seeing that the shock that Block 4 generated will be canceled by a counter-shock that will flip the oil equation in Lebanon, and oil will impose itself as one of the most important keys to the financial solution in Lebanon.
  • Overnight, and after what seems like the isolation of Lebanon, more than one door, and a pathway to the official Lebanon, are opened, so that we see a race to the openness to Lebanon from several countries, and the beginning of the support trip.
  • Regarding coronavirus and its strains, and the horror scenes that will accompany its spread, I affirm that there will be a ridiculous and simple cure, and I add: More than one cure, even if I don’t know its name and identity. And what distresses me now is the reason behind hiding it from people. Is it a stock market, a trade, a trade or political war, downing or raising presidents? I don’t know.
  • Despite all of the shortage and lacking that we will live through, hunger remains forbidden, and Lebanon continues with those that remain, even if in one fall.
Reuters | Aziz Taher
  • Security is two securities and more: One is held by at least one hand in the media, the positions, and the statements, and one is not held, neither by one hand nor by two, and the explosions, the assassinations, the insecurity, and others will be the proof. The third kind, which is the most important and dangerous, and which prevents the civil war, is held by 100 hands, as long as Hezbollah wants it.
  • The expatriates, to the forefront again, and workshops throughout the diaspora; strategies, campaigns, and objectives, and prominent religious and civil faces solidify to pump blood and hope into the nation’s veins.
  • Regarding the airport, I tell you that it distracts me like it distracts many people, and I’m very fearful of it and very fearful for it, and what I expect is that, after the [hits of envy], it gets hit. Those who don’t want the airport to flourish are many, and you will be very surprised if I tell you, it’s not just Israel. Many of those who were considered friends of Lebanon’s, not enemies, also don’t want the airport to flourish. But this place will be the axis, and on its runways and above and below and around it, the arguments, the methods, and the results will come together.
Beirut Airport
  • Your anxiety from Israel is in its place.
  • Netanyahu pointed us to one objective of his to strike. In addition to it, I see planning to target other places.
  • Military plans, of which one of the goals is to spread horror among people and drive them to leave their homes and temporarily displace from some areas, even from Beirut.
  • I conclude this comprehensive show to say again: The miracle, alone, will create the miraculous solution in Lebanon.
  • The commotion of commotions around the name of George Abdallah, the prisoner in France.
REUTERS/Robert Pratta/File (FRANCE- Tags: CRIME LAW)
  • The anniversary’s title is Kamal Jumblatt. I don’t know if it’s the anniversary of his birth or nearing the anniversary of his assassination. This anniversary will witness a story and an echo.
  • One of the touristic streets lives depressed hours.
  • An aerial emergency places an airplane and a pilot in a scene of challenge and tough danger.
  • Farther and stronger than the weather forecast, Dahr El-Baydar in breaking news.
  • Contrary to the familiar, we will see some military uniforms moving from the side facing the [protests] to the side supporting them.
  • Yes, there is a government, and not just any government: A government of head-breaking, starting from its birth and accompanying it in its days.
  • In the picture, several Macrons, not just Macron.
  • Beqaa, this year, from one story to another and from one event to another, and each event is bigger than the other.
  • A story occupies all sites. Its title, events, and protagonists are gay.
  • The role of the Higher Defense Council is on the line.
  • The shock, this time, is on the grounds of a cemetery.

Sparks, Storms, and Shockwaves

REUTERS/Aziz Taher
  • The establishment of a womanly cell and its missions are occupied by danger.
  • Its beginning is a jolt and its end is in agreement, in the Akl Sheikhdom of the Druze.
  • A storm in the Catholic Media Center. The target will move between the road to the center’s meeting and the area of the center that is related to the Strong Lebanon Bloc.
  • The road between the Suburb and Bkerki is split, the shuttle traffic races the developments, and the Patriarch is the axis.
  • More than one ambassador is subject to a security command’s signal.
  • A significant figure arrives at one country’s embassy. It’s not clear to me if they’re a guest or a refugee and what kind of mission it is.
  • The Beqaa village of Qousaya exits the circle of forgettance.
  • An interesting story, full of wonders, accompanies the game of luck, such as Loto and Yanasib.
Rafik Hariri University Hospital
  • Rafik Hariri Hospital witnesses an extraordinary thing, and sights are caught.
  • A Druze alliance is formed with grafted faces that will flip the internal equation.
  • The Devil manipulates the head of a public figure’s companion and tempts him to betray his boss.
  • A spark leads to tight maritime targets, followed by sparks in more than one direction.
  • A sudden shockwave displays the hidden relationship between Hezbollah and Walid Jumblatt to the public.
  • Movable and immovable properties of a party, subject to liquidation
  • A mobilization for all of the age categories in the ranks of the Amal Movement.
  • The peace of the camps is subject to planned shaking.
  • The Gemayel family‘s national and political goals make them targets for the enemies.
  • It is as if the Lebanese proverb “the governor’s mistake is worth a thousand” will come true for Riad Salameh.
  • Riad Salameh will not keep silent; Riad Salameh, in a race with opportunity.
Riad Salameh Will Be Questioned On Wasted Subsidy Funds This Week
Reuters/Dalati & Nohra
  • Despite all the pressure over Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud’s head, a decoration awaits him.
  • Two sparks related to the amnesty law. The first ignites its approval paper and the second ignites the field.
  • Melhem Riachi crosses a minefield to make a difference.
  • Despite some bad intentions against him, Nehmat Frem sneaks.
  • Lebanese Army Commander Joseph Aoun, a name that enters the lot.
The Daily Star
  • A shock raises the Druze voice to its highest range, and the Druze fill the street.
  • The taxi of incidents will work strongly on the Corniche El-Mazraa – Tariq El-Jdideh line.
  • A sudden development disarms mines and mysteries, and breaks barriers between Bnachii and Baabda.
  • Pressure on Mohamad El-Hout and Mohamad Al-Karaki, and facing them are tough complication and repulsion attempts.
  • Beirut Archbishop Boulos Abdel Sater, without fearing the danger of plots, will fly outside his swarm.
  • A varied assortment of kidnapping in Lebanon.
  • The Lebanese Judges Association competes in dangerous matches.
Legal Agenda
  • Lawyer Wadih Akl enters the spiral of caution and wariness.
  • The temporary closure of a geographical area in Hamra Street.
  • Mohammad Al-Amine Mosque: A historic meeting, and a tidal wave of condemnation as a result of an accident that takes place on the mosque’s grounds.
  • The fabrication of a problem related to the Journalists Association.
  • Significant sanctions on a number of figures exceed the material limits and properties this time.
  • Prime Minister Saad Hariri, as the proverb goes, is “running from evil and evil is following him.”
Saad Hariri Denies Interest In Returning As Prime Minister
  • The Hague’s sentence on Salim Ayyash did not end Ayyash’s story. This man’s mystery, and with it, the tribunal’s mystery, to the forefront again, in a new file that poses several question marks.
  • Ogero’s actions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will not be forgiven.
  • Aounists will play a “sold” paper and more, meaning either [kill or be killed].
  • A matter related to a Druze entity generates communication between Syria’s Druze, Lebanon’s Druze, and Palestine’s Druze.
  • U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea receives signals that warn her personally against what’s being fabricated against her and, intentionally or unintentionally, implicate Ambassador Shea and get implicated themselves.
Hawar News Agency
  • We will not wait long for the name of the head of intelligence, Antoine Kahwaji, to create a commotion.
  • The ignition and then the eruption of the central bank’s volcano, and its magma burns those close and far, reaching a number of banks.
  • Tripoli, the lawyers, and the syndicate are [on the edge of a cliff].
  • The head of the syndicate faces challenges and threats.
  • Nahr Al-Mawt and its area is the stage for an unusual scene.

Conflicts, Military and Non-Military

Jamal Saidi/Reuters
  • A disaster in the former premiers’ club.
  • A black cord in the horizon of the Development and Liberation bloc and those who belong to it.
  • A group of lit stars in the sky of artist Elissa, among them a single unlit star.
  • A level of developments of a new type around the name of Ragheb Alameh.
  • The massiveness of the event related to the Municipality of Beirut will call for the mobilization of all apparatus.
  • Songs about South Lebanon catch fire.
  • Attempts to decipher the code of Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim’s personality.
  • In Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim’s horizon: Retreat, seclusion, danger, and a mission, unlike previous ones, that will be described as “impossible.”
Lebanon Will No Longer Prosecute Carlos Ghosn For Entering Israel
Diego Ibarra Sanchez/The New York Times
  • Carlos Ghosn‘s name shakes them again, and echoes go beyond Lebanon’s borders.
  • Michel Aoun, the bishop, not the president, faces a challenge.
  • An update in the Geagea-Karameh story.
  • A loud noise penetrates the quietness of Qannoubine Valley.
  • Breaking the stalemate and breaching the file of the Lebanese located in the Israeli interior.
  • At zero hour, a military figure flips the table on the Lebanese stage.
  • A big incident switches the identity and role of a Lebanese tunnel for a period of time.
  • The Lebanese soldier is dragged into a military confrontation with an armed entity, and the interesting thing is the other side.
Lebanese Army soldiers patrolling corniche during coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon
  • Danger on a major military figure.
  • An ailment leaves a great impact on Dar Al-Iftaa.
  • After raising the ceiling and tightening the measures, the untying of the rings in the series of sanctions that arrived and haven’t yet arrived for Gebran Bassil begins.
  • The pressure intensifies on the Suburb and its interior and cellars so that we see a scene of it that suggests a blockade, and stress, with its various kinds, is at its highest levels in the suburb.
  • Events start from the Fouad Chehab Complex and its area.
FA Lebanon
  • In a day, the fame of a restaurant explodes in Lebanon and goes beyond the nation’s borders toward the international.
  • For more than one motive and reason, and for more than one direction and goal, the name of Mar Maroun, and everything that belongs to him, is reiterated.
  • With irrefutable evidence that doesn’t accept doubt, what’s cooking in the kitchen of one of the embassies in Lebanon is exposed.
  • One of the secretions of the civil movement will be given the title of “Lebanon’s Che Guevara.”
  • Between joking and seriousness, MP Salim Saadeh delivers his ideas beyond his environment. Afterward, he receives revisions to review his calculations.
  • A quake in the world of Lebanese football.
  • A new equation awaits Minister Layla Al-Solh.
  • The 4th estate is subject to threats and encirclement, and the waving of an iron fist on its neck, and the disappearance of voices and faces.
  • The escaped convicts will be busy with operations from and on them, due to big and shocking developments in their files.
  • Clan weapons, armed displays, and random bullets will once be a spark for a retaliatory attack, in which the field turns into a volcano and an account-settling operation.
  • A shockwave of change, the source of which is information in the Information Branch.
  • The Khalil Duo makes a difference, causes a breach, leaves a prominent fingerprint in a mission, and, on the horizon, anxiety about one of them.
Tamas Kovacs/MTI via AP
  • Gebran Bassil: Very big words and surprising positions that shuffle the papers of the presidency.
  • The Lebanese embassy and ambassador in France are in the line of sight of the surprises, and they will be a target.
  • I see the phrase: “Khandaq Al-Ghamiq” (The deep tunnel). I don’t know if it’s a signal talking about an event that will happen in that area or if the tunnel we’re in will deepen further.
  • I’m seeing commotion in the Marada Movement.
  • All sights are set on the reactions of [the people of Zgherta].
  • Nizar Zakka in a new path, open to several possibilities and big missions.
  • Doesn’t matter whether it’s a dismissal or resignation or a retreat, or [anything else]. What’s important is that Judge Ghada Aoun is prone to everything.

Hell’s Gates, and Other Gates

  • Important news will be issued by the media office in one of two presidencies: The first and the second. Some will consider it good news, and others, bad news.
  • Bahaa Hariri gets voluntarily implicated and is ready to pay any price, and gets more and more involved here.
  • The topic of neutrality is not a topic of the past. Neutrality to the forefront again, and new developments, suspicious endeavors in different methods to neutralize the Patriarch from neutrality, and from other stances.
  • I have a prediction in the shape of advice: Take caution in the centers for the education of young children.
  • President Aoun issues an order to rinse the staircase from top to bottom in one of the files, using hot water, too.
  • Breaths will be held upon hearing the phrase: “In the name of the Lebanese people,” which will precede an important judgment in Lebanon.
  • Social justice says its word so that we see a special-needs figure in the heart of the judgment and very big roles awaiting them.
  • A lightning strike over a very well-known Lebanese figure during their presence in a foreign country.
  • Hell’s gates are open for Lebanon’s Finance Ministry and its symbols.
  • Despite attempts to silence it, Sawt Beirut (The Voice of Beirut) will grow louder and louder.
  • Wiam Wahhab: A coastal, mountainous uprising with an open back.
  • The big target is found at the center of a property that belongs to the Hariri family, and it is monitored from the 4 corners.
The Daily Star
  • Breaking news about developments in the relationship between Suleiman Frangieh and Gebran Bassil calls for anticipation.
  • A judge gets fed up, flounces… with the support of many judges.
  • The casino, the center of luck, in a place where luck will not be with it
  • An offensive plan of change prepared by Faisal Karami, and the danger (on him) is between the rumor and the goal.
  • Between yesterday’s Lebanon and tomorrow’s Lebanon, international hands will extend to help Lebanon or place their hands slightly over Lebanon.
  • An image wherein I read that Lebanon’s luck and renaissance will be by the hands of a woman.

Hezbollah and Israel

  • The phrase “On a leg and a half” that Sayyed Hassan mentioned will not be a passing comment.
  • Contrary to the will of Hezbollah and Israel, in one day, the rules of the game will break and all controls will be lost.
  • The new type of confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel will be under the principle of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” and the battles will be swift and fast.
  • The name of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah blows up the media on a day like no other.
  • Strategies, arrangements, and agreements in the region carry the signature of Hezbollah and the Sayyed.
  • Martyrdom will not have a rank among the men of Hezbollah.
  • Hezbollah honors Speaker Berri and thanks him.
  • Overnight, Hezbollah is forced to reposition on all levels: equipment and personnel, sites and frontiers, in public, and even in the media.
  • A shock and a counter-shock underground between Hezbollah and Israel.
  • Sheikh Naim Qassem and Hajj Wafiq Safa don’t fear the bitter experience no matter what it is.
  • To achieve its biggest objectives, Hezbollah will use all kinds of weapons, except its own.
  • The prey gets caught in the barbed wire between Lebanon and Israel and becomes a kind of a spark.

Predictions by Name

Via: Abouna
  • Patriarch Rahi: On top of the equation of flipping all of the tables.
  • Suleiman Frangieh: From the depth of big and emergent surprises, he answers the call.
  • Walid Jumblatt challenges the nightmares secretly and publicly.
  • Walid Jumblatt ends his doubt in one of those close to him.
  • Samir Geagea: From the language of speech to another language, and a race between the goal and the hazards.
  • Sami Gemayel challenges the quarries’ gunpowder and leaves a large fingerprint on stone.
  • Joseph Aoun enters a military controversy that crosses the borders of the Defense Ministry.
  • Not all rounds and points will be recorded for Gebran Bassil in the political boxing ring, and he will be forced to -and succeed – in using all of his cleverness, skill, and agility to score new points and avoid knockouts.
  • With great caution, Saad Hariri tries to get out of his reality and connections to enter new options from certain doors, even if he knows they are mined.
  • Nabih Berri: Zero hour strikes in Ain Al-Tineh.
  • President Michel Aoun: With him, all predictions fall.

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