These Are Michel Hayek’s 2021 Predictions For The Rest Of The World

These Are Michel Hayek's 2021 Predictions For The Rest Of The World

Michel Hayek’s annual predictions do not only encompass Lebanon and neighboring countries. They reach far and wide, from East to West, overflying landmarks and people, and foreseeing events of different kinds and causes all around the world.

For this year, Hayek predicts a variety of incidents and events across the continents, including political upheavals, and curious occurrences in the lives of international stars, not to mention intriguing natural and supernatural phenomena.


This is what Michel Hayek predicted for the world in 2021.
REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri
  • The upcoming events for France are scaring me…
  • Youth movements of Nazi tendency inside and outside Germany.
  • The shaking of world-known landmarks.
  • This time, unlike any other time, the solid body’s collision with the earth will happen, and something very tough will take place.
  • Even NASA and its scientists will be amazed before the uncovering of a big cosmic secret.
  • In 2021, people will remember something in the way they remember what happened on September 11th.
  • Michel Hayek also made predictions for Lebanon and the Middle East.

Here’s what Michel Hayek predicts for the world in 2021.


Russian President Vladimir Putin.
REUTERS/Aleksey Nikolskyi/RIA Novosti/Kremlin
  • The Russian [opposition member] will score some points, and these points will draw around him a new circle of danger.
  • Dust is lifted off the file of the American spy Snowden who has sought asylum in Russia.
  • A link of a giant terrorist series is exposed on Russian territory.
  • The weapon of treachery is directed at Putin.
  • The air target’s identity is Russian.


Reuters/Charles Platiau
  • Once again, the name of French doctor Didier Raoult, but in news enveloped with mystery.
  • French police will be the axis, to, from, and on itself, from case to case, and it will be the target.
  • President Macron holds the accounting book, and each of his steps will have a price.
  • Some blackness on the horizon of the team Paris Saint-Germain.
  • Paris’s mayor is under surveillance and in the eye of pursuit.
  • The upcoming events for France are scaring me; events that will summarize the entire scene; terrorism, revenge, and the restriction of freedoms.
  • A blatant assault on a non-French figure on France’s territory.
  • Heavy losses in the Louvre Museum.

United Kingdom

What Michel Hayek predicted for the UK in 2021.
REUTERS/Toby Melville
  • Singer Elton John tumbles.
  • 10 Downing Street loses its peace for some time.
  • Developments call for Mr. Bean’s fans to get ready.
  • Terrorism teaches the English, in their country and outside it, some lessons. Even Buckingham Palace is penetrated.
  • The countdown in Scotland’s future begins.
  • On the royal family’s agenda for 2021, more than one black paper, and, day by day, they fall, one after the other.
  • The state of emergency in the world of British aviation.
  • Johnson will not be able to secure himself the seatbelt in a series of crises.


REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
  • Germany returns to the forefront of European football (after it took many losses).
  • Youth movements of Nazi tendency inside and outside Germany.
  • Angela Merkel, without her knowing that she is in the circle of danger, exposes herself to the biggest of dangers.
  • The targeting of public places, and panic in the German street.


What Michel Hayek predicted for the Spain in 2021.
REUTERS/Sergio Perez
  • The name of the international artist Julio fills time and space.
  • Non-sport targets on the Spanish fields.
  • A delicate, pivotal turn in the fate and trajectory of Zinedine Zidane.
  • A setback in a tourism [type] related to the world of sea and water, and a touristic ship is awaited by a big [story/event].
  • An injury in the side of Barcelona; the team and the city.
  • Evil stalks and mangles La Sagrada Familia.


REUTES/ Stefano Rellandini
  • A papal visit involves a lot of question marks, and a number of files are opened through this papal visit.
  • The Pope of Peace, amid the adventure, at one point, his peace is begrimed.
  • A wave of condemnation and anger at an event related to the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Square.
  • A terrorist plan in the hands of intelligence.
  • The shaking of world-known landmarks.


  • Switzerland is awaited by two quakes: A quake in the world of finance, trade, and banks, and a quake in the world of stability and safety, and a number of incidents will be strange on the Swiss street.


What Michel Hayek predicted for Australia in 2021.
REUTERS/Loren Elliott
  • The name of Julian Assange creates noise again in the Australian street, and WikiLeaks has light again.
  • Australia will steal the international glow in sports.
  • Australian police face a large terrorist scheme.
  • The Australian pharmaceutical industry will astonish the world.
  • Lebanese religious institutions and clerics will be in the spotlight between Lebanon and Australia.
  • The spread of sad news about a very well-known face among the ranks of the Lebanese community.


What Michel Hayek predicted for Canada in 2021.
REUTERS/Patrick Doyle
  • The Canadian Prime Minister, in an exceptional scene, slightly close to a vengeful scene.
  • An emergency in the fate and trajectory of a plane.
  • Arab-Lebanese beauty, at a remarkable stop in Canada.
  • Widespread media noise related to Lebanese media that works on both routes: Lebanon-Canada and Canada-Lebanon.
  • A radical Islamist movement permeates, plans, and awaits the opportunity.

United States

What Michel Hayek predicted for the US in 2021.
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
  • The big churn will be in Washington. Its events will be clear to the public, and its causes are many and interlaced.
  • A valuable catch in the White House‘s garden.
  • The size of the waiting will keep Oprah Winfrey in a state of preparedness.
  • 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, loses its milestone for some time.
  • Tom Cruise, between fame and shock.
  • A strange story in New York, particularly in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and its grounds, and to specify further, I say: The Shrine of Saint Maroun inside it is clearly present in the picture.
  • I see ambiguous signs of something that looks like a bad omen, damnation, and misfortune over President Biden and his deputy.
  • Unprecedented events in America, which a fifth column starts and tries to attribute it to President Trump.
  • Sparks begrime the atmosphere of the United States of America. Its source is the world of basketball; players, fans, and courts.
Elon Musk.
REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein
  • Surprises, nearly instants, paired with the name of Elon Musk.
  • Biden is exposed to another fracture and is threatened by several injuries and fractures.
  • The airspace is violated. It’s not a rocket nor a plane; the radar is detecting what looks like a UFO, and the destination is unknown.
  • Among all American cities, Brooklyn and its suburbs are in the spotlight.
  • The American airforce is hit by a state of hysteria that we will see clearly.
  • A political storm invades America.
  • In the “wins and loses” way, also simultaneously, he hands over and doesn’t hand over at the same time.
  • Trump’s last decrees and laws, such as amnesty laws and others, generate a shockwave inside the make-up of governance.
  • Time Magazine, which chose Biden and his deputy as Person of the Year 2020, starting now, Trump is preparing to be Person of the Year in 2021, maybe in his opinion, anywhere.
  • Something mangles the face of the victory of President Biden’s deputy, in some way.
  • A volcano accompanies the process of the opening of the files that happened on September 11th, 2001, again, and ignites them.


 REUTERS/Mike Blake
  • This time, unlike any other time, the solid body’s collision with the earth will happen, and something very tough will take place.
  • Shocking news, the axis of which is related to Netflix.
  • The football world:
    • Maradona: From his coffin, mysteries and secrets subject to exposure, and the eruption of truths.
    • Bad omen hovers over one of the first-class champions of football, and the fans are crying.
  • A part of Uber staggers after a dilemma.
  • Despite the death of Lady Diana and Michael Jackson, secrets and facts will appear and shake their lovers.
  • Commotion and shaking in the Chinese Huawei company. This time, the crime tool is a photography device.
  • The name of Ronaldo Jr. is on the screen.
  • Strange signs around the stardom of Neymar.
REUTERS/Charles Platiau
  • A new heavenly appearance between Fatima & Medjugorje.
  • Signs facilitate the involvement of scientists in extraterrestrial beings and bodies.
  • Despite the ferociousness of its terrorism, Boko Haram becomes the target.
  • A new season in a new style in the trajectory of Maduro.
  • China and its president, in the eye of the disaster.
  • Jackie Chan, in a tearful scene that concerns him personally.
  • The name of the deceased doctor who discovered coronavirus reverberates again in a very big story.
  • In Korea, joy is confined. Crying, however, is collective.
  • Kim Jong-Un’s train and life train take the track of the unknown, and the danger is there, and it’s big.
  • A European island calls for help.
  • Misfortune is hovering over the world of fashion.
  • Terrorism in European transportation, in a different tactic.
  • Even NASA and its scientists will be amazed before the uncovering of a big cosmic secret.
  • The discovery of a new secret in the series of secrets in the Da Vinci Code.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.
REUTERS/Stephen Lam
  • On the horizon of Facebook’s owner, many tears.
  • Between sunrise and sunset, the Sun’s planet plays a terrifying role.
  • Rio Carnival’s joy is incomplete.
  • A black day on the calendar of NATO.
  • The change in the sky’s color and the shape of the clouds generate astonishment.
  • Faster than its own speed, news related to Formula racing spreads and reminds of Schumacher.
  • In an interesting picture, the “666” sign, and satanic symbols with it, spreads very quickly.
  • In 2021, people will remember something in the way they remember what happened on September 11th.