These Are Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For The World

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On New Year’s Eve, Michel Hayek made his awaited annual appearance on MTV to share his predictions for the new year, regarding Lebanon, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

People in general tend to hope for the best or the better when a year ends, and the world especially Lebanon has had a lot of challenges and hardships to deal with throughout the past year.

Some believe in clairvoyance and look for signs, in dreams, in the flipped cup of coffee, in horoscopes, in the stars, etc. That’s as ancient as humanity. Some just don’t.

After all, whether we believe in it or not, it is at the core of people’s human nature to always ask, whether they expect an answer or not, “what’s next?”

Hayek’s predictions for the world in 2022 are the following:


Vanchai Tan
  • Al Harath Al Thawri ready to catch power
  • Time bomb in the Iranian Parliament
  • Accelerated nuclear “confusion”. Results will be seen in one area in Iran and its surrounding
  • A high military personality steals the lights and starts a an attack that shakes Iran
  • The bomb of the season is the nuclear “bomb” in Iranian
  • This time, the distance is very close to decide and press the button
  • The American and Iranian files in two faces: Iranian refraction and Iranian winning
  • Big attack in Iran
  • A tsunami of army relating to the Iranian navy
  • The Iranian airport under attacks and threats
  • Neither the Iranian nor the Israeli relations are fine
  • The public will yet again care about Zeinab, the daughter of Kassem Suleimany
  • Courageous steps by the Iranian president surprise Iran, its neighbors, and the international community
  • The Quds forces under threat, the one who commits the threat first wins
  • The season of not Iranian hostages in Iran. And Iranian hostages outside of Iran


  • A dark night at Erdogan’s palace.
  • The son of Erdogan at the center of threat
  • For the first moments, the Turks will not be able to say if it’s an explosion or an earthquake
  • The Central bank of Turkey and Turkish banks will be met by disasters
  • Erdogan’s chair shakes
  • Hard and bloody confrontation in one of the opposition parties


France Will Send Over $118 Million In Aid To Lebanon
  • French café turns into battle
  • The “class” of the Parisian street Saint Germain “deforms” for a while
  • Sirens scare the French over the railway
  • The station of Gare Lion is the focus
  • More than one direct injury to Macron
  • A decision of the Parisian municipality will be the spark of anger that will affect the head of the municipality
  • It will not be easy to break Macron
  • The second season of confrontation between French authorities and Islamic groups, chaotic scenes and blood
  • The French woman will be on the top and they will take her power into account


  • Boris Johnson will stand on quick sand. And anxious on his political and personal future
  • Britain on a date with a female face that ranks highest
  • The eye of terrorism on a cleric and a second on a religious center
  • Prince Harry will not be able to regain his peace
  • Waves of resignations on many levels in Britain
  • In the horizon of the Royal castle, a reminder of the days of Lady Diana, and all the mystery that affected those days
  • Two noises inside Buckingham, one who will take the throne and the second regarding the females: Camilla, Megan, and Kate.


  • The Italian government with its tremors and its steadfastness is at stake.
  • The fall of an Italian figure
  • Big events will happen that will make Rome the center of attention
  • Many wonders of Saint Marco and one will make many non-believers believe
  • A big difference between the white that is planned by Pope Francis and the black that awaits him
  • Black news chasing Italian football on one of its stadiums and Italian boats.


  • The arrows are heading towards the Canadian Prime Minister
  • Protests in Canada, some not peaceful
  • Earthquake in Canada
  • Many unnatural “appearances” in the well-known Canadian nature
  • The relationship between Canada and the European Union shakes, and with the USA for a while
  • The fans of Cirque Du Soleil will be met with shock and will be affected heavily.


  • The German coronavirus and its varient will surprise the world
  • The retirement of Angela Merkel will be peaceful
  • Raids on some of the Islamic institutions will turn into heavy fights that will lead to heavy losses
  • The beginning of the rule of a German adviser with heavy remorse
  • An event will echo from Berlin to the whole of Germany.


Valdai Club Foundation
  • A star of Putin will turn off
  • Russian oil will carry the world
  • The Kremlin will be affected
  • An incomplete step costs Putin dearly
  • The mass destruction in Russia and Ukraine will make Putin back down
  • Putin’s defender will be silenced by Biden’s contacts
  • Russia will be one day the broker


  • Arabic archeological discovery under Spanish soil
  • Big attacks in the heart of Spain
  • The Spanish transportation on a date with sadness
  • Real Madrid met with heavy blow
  • Spanish Island will lose its peace for a few days


Anton Medvedev |
  • Darkness will take over Australia
  • Fateful decisions in the Qantas company will be met with anxiety
  • A diplomatic step to recognize the Australian natives
  • Peace is not always present in the Australian parliament
  • Australian academics, people, and astronomers will succeed in discovering new discoveries in space
  • A trade building will be met with a surprising accident
  • The anger of nature will displace the locals of an Australian city
  • Australian medicines and laboratories will launch an attack against incurable diseases and even viruses.

The United States

  • Unusual heavy scenarios in Time Square in New York
  • The files of Kamila Harris on heavy fire
  • The jar is broken between the US and Israel for a while and the reason is Iran
  • President Biden will have to leave the White House
  • The US is not always peaceful under the rule of Biden
  • Disaster on an American ship
  • Some of part of the White House will not be white
  • The popularity of Biden will get old with him
  • Confusion in the stock exchange and the shaky world of finance
  • Treachery makes its way toward Biden
  • Another prediction by The Simpsons will happen and this mystery will be met by talks
  • Very urgent news about Biden’s health adviser: Anthony Fauci
  • A US city will witness many tombs reminding people of the Coronavirus
  • A radar will catch a UFO
  • Hunter, the son of Biden, will get involved and, because of this, others too.

Miscellaneous around the world

  • Shakira between performance and attack. Between quake and quake, she will shake her fans
  • The beginning of the countdown for the attitudes of Kim Jong Un
  • Breaching of an electronic system related to deadly shuttle
  • A platform will lose with its owners.
  • The season of shoes is coming back. No one should be surprised by seeing harm and kisses and insults all related to shoes
  • Big loss will lead to a big scandal in sport
  • Scenes relating to the Isis Bride
  • Strange scenes, heavy and scary rain, big in damage
  • Media’s focus on animals and not humans
  • Dinosaurs again
  • Scientific data will shake its fans
  • A breathtaking scene in space related to a spacecraft
  • The scene of someone walking and running in a very fast speed will surprise the world
  • A financial storm on Europe
  • A large portion of Europe will be under Nature’s mercy
  • The series continues, discoveries of mummies weird in looks, its tombs and its inside
  • Rich historical symbols will appear
  • A big hotel falling with those inside
  • Vampires are coming back and some of their homes will be discovered
  • A mix of solar and lunar eclipses. The night will be late to come and the day will be late to leave
  • A bigger shock and sadness on the agenda of Mark Zuckerberg
  • A submarine in a dangerous situation. Not reconnaissance and not a journey
  • Weird species in our world
  • A Good Friday will be dark in its faces and events
  • After a long disappearance, the trend of kidnapping airplanes is coming back
  • Heavy attacks between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups and the results are worrying
  • A black line over the white Alps
  • Cyprus is on a date with sadness
  • In one of ski slopes, the loss of well-know sport personalities
  • News reminding of Chernobyl
  • Not all Covid-19 industries will stay, even with its achievements. A lot of punished people in the industry
  • New discovery from the Greek civilization
  • Bill Gates with all his discoveries, studies, wealth, health, and all future in a weird scene
  • The hell of biological weapons will be seen and damage will be witnessed
  • The Iranian nuclear deal is a lie, the deal already happened, and the nuclear will stay in Iran
  • In a worrying picture, satanic symbols will appear in America and the world
  • And finally, the Chinese president will overcome all the accusations and will attack and face them in ferocity. China will treat the world with an “ego”.


Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For Lebanon.

Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For The Middle East.

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