These Are Michel Hayek’s 2023 Predictions For Lebanon

Lebanon’s army, Hezbollah’s army, and Hezbollah will come together; be it by coincidence, in good faith, by force, heads or tails, they will come together.

Bilal Hussein/AP

Hariri‘s victims will be many after he was, in some way, a victim.

A breakthrough, and more than a breakthrough, is made by Saad Hariri in the Lebanese field, despite his distance and resignation.

Patriarch Al-Rahi will not be on life.

The file of the papal ambassador in Lebanon will cause a shake and make a change.

Ragheb Alamah says that “ghaltit el-shatir bi alf” (the cunning person’s mistake is multiplied by a thousand). He will reverse this.

A shockwave of change on the horizon of Wiam Wahhab.

The files of Abou Salleh, Nouh Zaiter, and a group of wanted high-rankers are opened, flipping around numerous, sensitive, and dangerous data, and swings between “wanted” and “wanted from them.”

Surprising developments reopen the file of the detainees in Syria and flip some of its pages.

Sheikh Sami Gemayel receives signals of caution, and he does not fear.


Energy Minister Walid Fayyad faces new energy that leads him to another place that changes the scene.

Prince Majid Talal Arslan is in the limelight.

An iron fist on a network that includes big names and well-known faces implicated in human trafficking.

Chamel Roukoz, with a rebounding move.

Premier Mikati and danger grow alongside one another and as much as each other, but the Premier remains larger than danger.

Bravely and fearlessly, he scores a strange goal related to Lebanese football.

For the security personnel, security in Lebanon is under control. In my predictions, it’s not under control, and I see more than one scenario.

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