These Are Michel Hayek’s 2023 Predictions For Lebanon

A surprise puts Amos Hochstein back into the scene.

The fiercest of battles is ignited by Lebanon’s gold.

Modifications to the equation of People, Army, Resistance (Hezbollah).

A series of non-transient events in the Aounist ranks gets lost between an old-fashioned and new-fashioned guards.

It’s not yet time for us to see more than what we’ve seen with Marcel, George, and the Sar El-Waet (It’s Time), and they’re advancing.

Supporters of the blue flag in an uprising in more than one square and arena and in more than one direction, for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Not all of Walid Ghayyad’s will have guaranteed results.

With threats, and beyond threats, one of the faces of change is affected.

One of the anti-corruption programs is strongly subjected, and in the picture, I see Riad Kobaissi attacking despite all of the threats and attempts.

This time, the Syrian refugees’ file oversteps the limits of speech and will not remain a play, such that, at some point, it will become a file subject to explosion.

An incident reminds of a religious landmark, resembling Our Lady of Salvation and maybe the mosques of Al-Taqwa and Al-Salam.

The peace of demarcation will not negate the military hysteria on the southern border.

After a long absence, the name of Saint George is in bold.

The Mayyas group: Between one success and another, envy sneaks in to affect the group leader once, and a member of the group once.

Antoun Sehnaoui, despite all of the talk and rebounds, no stepping back.

At one point, lights are shone on Taha Mikati, not on Premier Najib.

2023 will be in an exceptional light a leap year and a year of misfortune for many politicians in Lebanon, and calamities come in succession.

A retroactive effect and a new chapter, the title of which is Hassan Diab and some of his ministers.

Between arranged and unarranged, an emergency in the Government Palace turns the atmosphere upside-down.

Soon, one street faces another in a scene unlike any other.

The fall of a face in a new type of crime that will remind us of Lokman Slim.

Who Was Lokman Slim

An arranged and fabricated stir-up of a fiery series that takes off from one of the Palestinian camps, its flames reaching more than one entity.

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