These Are Michel Hayek’s 2023 Predictions For Lebanon

Ahead of the Free Patriotic Movement are traps and a minefield subject to explosion.

A lost half on the field of Lebanese politics.

Haret Hreik is a town in the limelight for days, and unprecedented traffic in Haret Hreik.

Najib Mikati will learn a lesson from his predecessors to create a condition for himself, and it will be important.

This time, it’s not important what the shirts’ color will be — be it black, white, or green. What’s important is what they will do.

Nadine Njeim chases stability, however…

Between Jounieh and its bay, the scene will be different.

Retaliatory attempts from the Ministry of Finance and its minister, and reactions.

The motorcycle ignites the fires of the scene.

One of Speaker Berri‘s children is in the focus of interest.

Maronite Archeparch of Tripoli Youssef Soueif is in a brave confrontation.

The Sharawni neighborhood and the tales of its novel events and their ramifications shake the media and public opinion.

ISIS awakes from its artificial sleep for once to move on the ground in a spectacle that resembles its peak days.

Sejaan Azzi fights to say words left for the end.

The names and roles intersect at the Gemayel family network. They move dynamically within a calculated tactic between ebb and flow, the grandfather and the grandson, and the son, his uncle, and his cousins.

One of the central bank governor‘s deputies accepts the challenge and steals the show.

A big catch in one of the processions.

Guaranteed results in the movements of the Australian ambassador.

At one point, Wissam Braidy and his wife have to display muscles, not just art and fashion.

With overt bravery, Juan Hobeiche faces fireballs.

The Japanese diplomatic mission in Lebanon, including the ambassador, thwart the events.

No one think, for a second, that Patriarch Al-Rahi is out of surprises.

Saad Hariri: a shock during departure, and a shock during return.

Delicate missions with cautious steps, in which the name Ahmad Hashmiyi becomes prominent.

The maritime border demarcation is subject to a breach that creates a breach in the equation.

I see Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in a disorganized, crowded state.

Comedy people in Lebanon create an overturn and turn black into white.

Stark and harsh scenes remind us of the incidents of Marwan Hamadeh, Al-Murr, May Chidiac, and maybe even martyr Premier Rafic Hariri.

A controversial female face is bid farewell.

Majida Al-Roumy concentrates and diversifies her activities to escape some sorrows.

A sad year in Lebanese media.

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