These Are Michel Hayek’s 2023 Predictions For Lebanon

Files related to Omar Harfouch are opened with the aim of limiting his interesting expansive movement.

General Joseph Aoun will finally say his word: after the silence, there are words.

Until the last moment, Joseph Aoun remains a hard number in the equation.

Michel Aoun grows and so does his influence on his supporters, at each stage more than the last.

In parallel to Wael Kfoury‘s success, great prosperity, and works, a negative wave is condensing above him and he will always try to chase it — we don’t know if it’s bad luck or envy.

This time, there is a decision in Bnachii.

Sleiman Frangieh will reject others’ decisions about him.

Sleiman Frangieh will not allow the presidency to casually pass him by.

The riddle will not remain hidden in one of Sleiman Frangieh‘s travels.

Minister Bassam Mawlawi plays the role of the conductor of Lebanon’s orchestra, and he does not fear the danger despite its presence.

Fares Karam, from one success to another, and on his way, it doesn’t matter to him who is triumphant and who is defeated.

Walid Jumblatt begins taking inventory to settle the account.

It becomes clear that the Democratic Gathering bloc will need types of protection.

Walid Jumblatt detonates a case, and Taimour Jumblatt will establish his ability to put off many kinds of fires. He will leave a fingerprint on one of the settlements.

Ali Al-Deek: between a special voice and a high stance, surprises will create artistic noise and something else, too.

Premier Mikati will use psychology and its secrets in all of his governmental and political battles.

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