What Michel Hayek Predicted About Tunisia

What Michel Hayek Predicted About Tunisia
@michel_hayek | Anadolu Agency/Yassine Gaidi

Another prediction made by Michel Hayek is making the rounds, this time relating to the latest political developments in Tunisia.

During his 2021 forecast for the Middle East, Michel Hayek predicted, “For some time, the Tunisian Parliament and its area transform into a confrontation space and a criminal site.”

The prediction seemed to ring true last week when mass protests erupted across Tunisia, including outside the Tunisian Parliament.

The protests resulted from nationwide anger about Tunisia’s deteriorating economic, health, and social situations, including its government’s handling of the pandemic.

President Kais Saied later sacked the country’s prime minister and suspended parliament in response.

Following the move, Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi, who leads Ennahda, the largest party in parliament, tried to enter the parliament building on Monday, only to be blocked by supporters of Saied.

Clashes ensued in the parliament building’s perimeter between rival groups.

Soon afterward, Ghannouchi stated that the assembly was in session, rejecting the president’s decision to suspend parliament and what he labeled a “coup.”

The statement brings to mind another prediction about Tunisia by Michel Hayek: “Ghannouchi pays the price of some of his steps and decisions.”

You can check out the rest of Michel Hayek‘s predictions about Tunisia and the rest of the world, here.

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