What Michel Hayek Predicted About Judge Ghada Aoun

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The judicial chaos that unfurled over the past few days in Mount Lebanon State Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun’s Mecattaf raids got people in Lebanon talking and wondering what will happen next.

Judge Aoun overstepped her jurisdiction when she did not abide by the decision of Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat, who had dismissed her from cases of financial crimes.

Judge Aoun‘s actions brought to mind a prediction that Michel Hayek had made back in December about her.

During the “Lebanon” section of his forecast for 2021, Hayek said: “Doesn’t matter whether it’s a dismissal or a resignation or a retreat, or [anything else]. What’s important is that Judge Ghada Aoun is prone to everything.”

Indeed, Lebanon’s High Judicial Council convened on Monday for an emergency meeting dedicated to discussing Judge Aoun‘s case, especially considering that the judge had caused “damage to the public judicial order,” as per the Council’s meeting call.

She reportedly committed 17 violations during her raids on the Mecattaf offices, according to judicial sources.

This meeting has raised questions among the public about the nature of the Council’s anticipated response to her case, and whether or not her violations would ultimately lead to her dismissal from the judiciary, as some reports have speculated.