Here’s What Michel Hayek Predicted About Lebanon-Syria Relations

Here's What Michel Hayek Predicted About Lebanon-Syria Relations
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In its pursuit of a solution to its crippling electricity problem, Lebanon recently sent the first high-ranking official delegation of its kind to Syria in a decade. The visit became the talk of the country for a while, but it has also evoked a particular prediction by Michel Hayek.

During the Middle East section of his 2020 forecast, Hayek predicted that relations between Lebanon and Syria would see a positive step forward.

“The improvement of Syrian-Lebanese relations takes everyone by surprise,” Hayek said during his awaited annual TV appearance.

The Lebanese delegation that met Syrian officials on Saturday was hoping to reach an agreement regarding the transmission of Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Syrian territory, and Syria obliged.

The Syrian government said following the visit that it welcomed Lebanon’s request, marking the first notable positive development in the U.S.-backed plan to solve the ongoing electricity crisis in Lebanon.

From the events of the Tunisian Parliament and the escalations on the southern Lebanese border to the controversy surrounding the UK’s Princess Diana, Michel Hayek has had his fair share of predictions that appeared to ring true this year.

You can check out his full list of 2021 predictions for Lebanon, the Middle East, and the rest of the world here.

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