Michel Hayek Just Made New Predictions About 2020

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Nearly a month prior to the time of his regular annual TV appearance, Michel Hayek appeared on Al-Jadeed, bringing a set of new predictions to the table, and an unexpected final “prediction” that stole the evening.

What’s different about this appearance is that it was more of an interview than one of his traditional forecast appearances, and included discussions about Hayek himself, in addition to the predictions.

The predictions themselves, which he read out to TV presenter Neshan Der Haroutiounian on Wednesday night, concern the remainder of 2020 and addresses the question: “How will this year end?”

Michel Hayek’s Late-2020 Predictions

  • The peace treaties that have been signed and will be signed with ink between Israel and some Arab countries will be matched by operations signed with blood from more than one site.
  • [Turkish President] Erdogan plans beyond the Hagia Sophia, and reactions and after-effects to his decision regarding the Hagia Sophia.
  • The defeat of the coronavirus with a simple treatment, to not say silly. After this defeat, tens of files containing tens of scandals related to this virus will be opened from the country of origin and the beginning of its spread until today.
  • Historical pages full of puzzles, of which Pope Francis and Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be the focus.
  • Without warning and in a lightning-like moment, Bashar Al-Assad’s name will flash and cause shock outside Syria’s borders.
  • A dangerous retaliatory operation bearing the name of Qassem Soleimani, with far-reaching global repercussions.
  • The name of the knot in Lebanon will not remain Hezbollah and its Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and the solution will also be Hezbollah and Nasrallah in two faces and two ways.
  • Netanyahu’s voice still buzzes in my head, and the echo of his threat to Lebanon never leaves me.
  • Prominent roles of artists in decision-making in the new Lebanon as well as in Lebanon and also in Syria.
  • The presidential-governmental settlement will be a spark for other presidential-governmental settlements, and playing with fire will sharpen the appetites of two new names for the presidencies of the government (premiership) and the republic.
  • A group of words that are the keys to Lebanon’s predictions and their connection to each other (presented below).

The Five Words

  1. Fall: A roving intermittent fall, with its various categories, causes, and forms; a fall and then a fall of figures from the first, second, and third ranks, for Lebanon to succeed.
  2. Turning/coup: A turning from top to bottom and from bottom to top; volatile, overlapping, strange, wondrous; each turning on the other.
  3. System: The beginning of the dissolution of a system with hot blood and a fire’s flame.
  4. Departure: The disappearance of the faces; the reasons are many, but the disappearance will be one and the title is “departure.”
  5. Marvel: There is a great rescue marvel that will take place in Lebanon that bears the first signs of saving Lebanon from its paralysis.

    Hayek later noted that two marvels/miracles will happen in Lebanon, the first being man-made and the second being from the sky.

The Final “Prediction”

Perhaps the most shocking and unexpected thing that happened in the episode was the final “prediction” that Michel Hayek dedicated to the host of the program, Neshan, which is more of a look into the past than the future.

“I saw a dangerous idea that you have to take out of your mind. There is a certain sign that suggested to me that you cannot get this thought out of your head,” he started.

“What I’m afraid of is the word ‘suicide,’ I don’t know if there is a gun next to you and you tried to do something with your life.”

“Your mother responded to this action the first time, otherwise, you would not be where you are today,” Hayek continued.

“Expel these thoughts from your head because there is a blank page and a new life… Leave the so-called idea of suicide and give up the weapon that you have,” he advised.

Answering a question that Hayek asked him during this prediction, Neshan confirmed that he has a gun, before dodging another question regarding whether he was near the gun recently, “in the past week or two.”

Apparently unsettled by the remarks, Neshan stuttered and hesitated during the last couple of minutes of the program, before finally responding with: “It remains a prediction.”

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