Here’s What Michel Hayek Predicted About Lebanon’s Elections

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Michel Hayek seems to have hit several points about Lebanon’s elections during his predictions for 2022 back on December 31, 2021.

Here are the notable ones:

  • Lebanon “the pregnant woman” will deliver twins among difficulties: A new parliament and a new president.
  • There will be a new parliament despite the complexities surrounding the delivery: dates postponements, “buy and sell”, falsification, mined alliances, appeals against appeals, security and bloody threats, and attempts to abort the newborn and the elections.
  • There will be new faces and young blood in the parliament, which will be very important as these will work with all their hearts.
  • Civil society won’t be able to gather and won’t be allowed under the motto “divide and conquer.” Despite that, it will breach more than one front, impose itself, and score many big points.

During the elections race, many criticized the fact that the opposition from civil society including the revolution did not unite in one electoral front. Some even abstained from voting because of that. However, they broke through in “more than one front” and “score many big points.”

  • Attempts to shield MP Pierre Bou Assi from facing rebellion and resistance.
  • With all the accounts linked to Omar Harfoush, there will remain an account unaccounted for.
  • Questions will increase over the Future Movement…

The Future Movement boycotted the elections at the call of its leader Saad Hariri, which triggered a lot of criticism against it and speculations on the outcome of the Sunni seats, especially in Beirut.

  • The Gemayel political family amends the electoral menu, directions, and alliances.
  • A new walking destination in front of Chamel Roukoz.

Chamel Roukoz, the brother-in-law of Gebran Bassil, took a new road in these elections, away from the FPM.

  • Michel Moawad takes a few steps and puts his hand on the first goal despite the danger.
  • MP Alain Aoun resists some storms and takes in some arrows, even if meant for someone else.
  • Wiam Wahab… One of his roads won’t be passable.

Wahab lost in these elections.

  • Samir Geagea’s initial mission is still in its debut.
  • The election wave of the Lebanese Forces (LF) is a high wave that resembles the little sister of the Tsunami.

The Lebanese Forces (LF) secured most seats as a party in the parliament.

  • Nehmat Frem scores more than a goal in his field and one of his territories is without immunity and fences.
  • The Mufti of the Republic Abdellatif Derian takes several stands, each harsher than the other.

Ahead of the elections, the Mufti encouraged people to vote in masses, accusing the corrupt clique’ in power of destroying Lebanon: “Any alternative produced by the elections is better than the coercive and corrupt authority.”

  • Adventures take Faisal Karame to another position.
  • Gebran Bassil schemes and engineers to counter all expectations on alliances, outcomes, and positions, and security risks on him continue to increase.

Michel Hayek also predicted that “this parliament will be a transitional one” and that there will be a new president but that the new “presidency will be temporary, like the parliament, a transitional phase.”

He also said, “An SOS call will be heard from inside the Constitutional Council that will be breached.”

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