This Is What Michel Hayek Predicted About Israel’s Netanyahu

What Michel Hayek Predicted About Israel's Netanyahu
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One of Michel Hayek‘s predictions about Israel is gaining traction in light of the recent developments in the Israeli political scene.

During the “Middle East” section of his 2020 forecast, Hayek predicted: “A part of Netanyahu’s past and future victories will turn into defeats.”

What Happened?

In April 2021, Benjamin Netanyahu, who had been serving as Israel‘s prime minister until recently, was tasked with forming a new government within 28 days, after his party emerged as the biggest one in the elections held a month prior.

A government was not formed in time, and, soon after, violence erupted between Israel and Palestinian fighters.

After the ceasefire was declared on May 21st, a political coalition was formed to remove Netanyahu, Israel‘s longest-serving prime minister to date, from office. It is to note that Netanyahu has been on trial over corruption allegations.

Over the weekend, in a joint statement, the offices of Netanyahu and Israel‘s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, announced that the former and his family would leave the official prime minister’s residence on July 10th at the latest.

However, it seems Netanyahu wants to leave on his terms.

Israeli media has since reported that Netanyahu may have ordered that documents in the prime minister’s residence be shredded before Bennett moves in.

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