Another Michel Hayek Prediction Came True About Coronavirus and the UK?

Michel Hayek predicted Boris Johnson's coronavirus infection
Twtiter/Michel Hayek | AP

What if I told you that, in 2019, Michel Hayek predicted not only the coronavirus outbreak, but that the Prime Minister of the UK would catch the virus?

Yes, it seems he did just that. The interesting part of this prediction coming true is the precision with which it was delivered by Michel Hayek.

In the international section of his 2020 forecast, which he presented on MTV on the last day of 2019, Hayek said: “The Prime Minister of Britain pays an expensive price for one of his positions.”

While Hayek did not mention the virus in this prediction, it did seem to ring true with what recently happened to the British Prime Minister.

“Over the last 24 hours, I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said via Twitter on Friday, March 27th.

While it was surprising, it wasn’t implausible for Johnson to catch the disease, judging by his attitude towards it. For example, during a news conference, he revealed that he had been running around “shaking hands willy-nilly,” as The New York Times put it.

But perhaps what most showed his insufficient concern towards the pandemic, which seems to be the “position” that Michel Hayek said the man would pay for, was his “herd immunity” policy.

While the world’s governments were introducing new restrictions to enforce social-distancing and nationwide self-isolation, the British government decided to embrace the pandemic and let it infiltrate the population.

The plan was to let as many people as possible acquire immunity against the virus after contracting it and suffering only from mild symptoms. Of course, later on, it was deemed an impractical plan.

Nevertheless, Boris Johnson did pay a price for being late to implement proper policies to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

But seeing that the British official has only had mild symptoms so far, the price doesn’t seem to be that expensive.

YouTube / MTV

The Prime Minister of Britain is not though the only prominent figure in his country to have contracted the coronavirus. Prince Charles has, and also several officials or politicians in the world.

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