This Is What Michel Hayek Predicted About The US Ambassador’s Incident

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After his prediction about the American protests, Riad Salameh, the coronavirus pandemic, the UK, among others of his predictions for 2020 that came true… Michel Hayek just did it again.

Now, a video of two of his predictions from New Year’s eve has been circulating online, both predictions point out to the current incident around the US Ambassador to Lebanon.

In the video, Michel Hayek is saying: “An adjudication will be issued that will tip the scales regarding the prestige of the Lebanese state.”

Then another one of his predictions: “Disturbances in Awkar at the US embassy.”

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ميشال حايك يُصيب مجدداً.

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Both of these predictions came true in the incident of US Ambassador Shea that went out of proportion in the country and on social media in the last couple of days.

A Lebanese judge issued a ban on local media, and foreign media working in Lebanon, from conducting interviews and speaking with the US ambassador.

His decision was made on the background of the ambassador’s recent interview regarding Hezbollah with Al-Hadath TV.

Her comments, although nothing that hasn’t been dwelling lately on social media and tackled by international news, sparked controversy, and conflicting statements by officials.

Ambassador Shea issued from the embassy in Awkar, via local TVs, that her “embassy will not be silenced” and asserted that she received an apology from a top-ranked official in the government.

An adverse statement was issued later by the president, coinciding with the minister of foreign affairs summoning her for a meeting over her comments.

The president claimed during an exclusive interview with Al-Mayadeen that Hezbollah represents the Lebanese society.

On the ground, the party’s supporters took to the streets in angry protests against the US ambassador and the United States.

On social media, the fiery backlash continues, many posting reminders of the bombing of the US embassy in Beirut, with the caption “remember.”

And some not so subtle with their threats against the embassy:

On the other hand, there have been numerous tweets opposing that fierce backlash, and which largely contradicts that the party represents the Lebanese society:

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