Here’s What Michel Hayek Predicted About The Judicial Chaos In Lebanon

Less than a month ago, Michel Hayek released his annual predictions for Lebanon and the world covering topics from politics, entertainment, security, and much more.

Soon enough, one of Michel Hayek’s predictions regarding the judicial system seems to have come to fruition:

“Everything that has happened and is happening in the country is enough, and what will happen in the Lebanese judiciary — from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of the base, including the courts and those inside them — will be a scale of its own.”

Earlier this week, Judge Tarek Bitar resumed his work as the lead investigator in the Beirut Port blast probe after a 13-month hiatus due to political obstruction and interference. Upon his unexpected return, he charged 8 officials and judges in connection with the explosion – setting their interrogation appointments.

This caused top prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oueidat, one of those charged, to attack him and actively work to disrupt and stop Judge Bitar – encouraging others to disobey his requests.

When Change MPs confronted the Minister of Justice Henry Khoury in the Justice Palace demanding he take action to protect Judge Bitar, they were assaulted by his guards who then tried taking their phones away. Which resulted in demands for his resignation and for the guards to be jailed.

The Higher Judicial Council was meant to convene in an attempt to remove Judge Bitar but 6 members refused to appear due to popular discontent. This resulted in a failed session with the Justice Minister reportedly leaving from the backdoor.

Hezbollah and its allies work to escalate their smear campaigns against Judge Bitar who announced that he will continue his work even if it’ll cost him his life.

Judge Bitar continues to gain support from more MPs, the families of the Beirut Port blast victims, as well as the general populace.

There are increased calls for an internationally-led investigation into the explosion as trust in the Lebanese judicial system diminishes especially after they summoned the families of the victims for interrogation.

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