The 25 Michel Hayek Predictions Of The World That Came True Last Year

Michel Hayek, known as the Lebanese Nostradamus, appears on MTV Lebanon at the end of December each year, to share new predictions about Lebanon and the world.

Some predictions are detailed and others are vague. So we took a look back at Michel Hayek’s 2022 predictions to find ones that came to fruition.

We looked into his predictions for the World, following the 20 that came true in Lebanon:

Prediction: Big attack in Iran

Outcome: The attack on Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz in October leaves 15 dead.

Prediction: Boris Johnson will stand on quicksand. And anxious on his political and personal future

Outcome: Boris Johnson announced resigns after a mass revolt by top members of his government

Prediction: Britain on a date with a female face that ranks highest.

Outcome: Liz Truss becomes prime minister of the United Kingdom following Boris Johnson’s resignation

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