The 25 Michel Hayek Predictions Of The World That Came True Last Year

Prediction: Prince Harry will not be able to regain his peace

Outcome: King Charles issued fresh warnings over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Prince Harry didn’t get to bid farewell to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, before her death, and make peace with her for absconding his royal duties and role and relocating to the United States.

Prediction: Waves of resignations on many levels in Britain

Outcome: 2 prime ministers resign back to back, first Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss. 50 MPs resigned forcing Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Prediction: In the horizon of the Royal castle, a reminder of the days of Lady Diana, and all the mystery that affected those days

Outcome: Queen Elizabeth II passes away drawing large crowds and mourning.

Prediction: Two noises inside Buckingham, one who will take the throne and the second regarding the females: Camilla, Megan, and Kate.

Outcome: King Charles takes the throne following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Prediction: The Italian government with its tremors and its steadfastness is at stake.

Outcome: Controversial politician, Giorgia Meloni, becomes Prime Minister of Italy

REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo

Prediction: Protests in Canada, some not peaceful

Outcome: At the beginning of 2022, Canada saw the so-called “Trucker Protests” or “Freedom Convoy,” which began in Ottawa. The protests were sparked by a mandate that required Canadian cross-border truckers to fight Covid-19 vaccine requirements. Ends with the forceful removal of the protestors.

Prediction: A star of Putin will turn off

Outcome: Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine draws mass criticism at Putin.

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