The 20 Michel Hayek Predictions Of Lebanon That Came True Last Year

Michel Hayek, known as the Lebanese Nostradamus, appears on MTV Lebanon at the end of December each year, to share new predictions about Lebanon and the world.

Some predictions are detailed and others are vague. So we took a look back at Michel Hayek’s 2022 predictions to find ones that came to fruition.

We looked into his predictions for Lebanon and for the world:

For Lebanon, Michel Hayek had labeled 2022 as a year of “difficult labor”, comparing Lebanon to a divorced and pregnant woman with many problems in her womb, and who is about to deliver. Particularly as it was an election year.

Prediction: There will be a new parliament despite the complexities surrounding the delivery: dates postponements, “buy and sell”, falsification, mined alliances, appeals against appeals, security and bloody threats, and attempts to abort the newborn and the elections.

Outcome 1: Lebanon had a parliamentary election.

Outcome 2: There were plenty of appeals and revisions.

Outcome 3: And security threats; people protesting voting fraud, Hezbollah and Amal destroying opposition tents, Megaphone photographer assaulted for recording Hezbollah violations, Priest throwing rocks back at Hezbollah supporters, Lebanese Forces and FPM clash in Chekka, Lebanese Forces candidate and his bodyguards were run over, Observers assaulted, Voter dragged and beaten for insulting the president

Outcome 4: Attempts to “abort” and cancel votes.

Outcome 5: “falsification” through Hezbollah voter fraud.

Prediction: There will be new faces and young blood in the parliament, which will be very important as these will work with all their hearts.

Outcome: Opposition candidates took a combined 13 seats

Prediction: The majority of the Lebanese people will continue to cry over the currency

Outcome: The Lebanese pound continues to devaluate to an all-time high of 48,500LL per $1 USD.

Prediction: We will hear every day of a new variant and a new model, and a new product, marketing, and trading.

Prediction: The danger about them is that they are not passing but will increase and develop. Humans will enter wars against them to fight them and stop their spread.

Prediction: Some countries might manage to control them, and some not.

Prediction: They are like terrifying ghosts hard to fight.

Outcome: COVID continued to spread with new mutations of Omricon and the resurgence in countries like China.

Prediction: All Lebanese feeling the heaviness of the estrangement (immigration) on their chest will return.

Prediction: The magic of Lebanon will attract back again all who left

Outcome: Many Lebanese are reported to be returning to Lebanon.

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