The 20 Michel Hayek Predictions Of Lebanon That Came True Last Year

Prediction: Michel Moawad takes a few steps and puts his hand on the first goal despite the danger.

Outcome: Michel Moawad is the frontrunner for the Lebanese presidency.

Prediction: Neemat Frem scores more than a goal in his field and one of his territories is without immunity and without fences.

Outcome: Neehmat Frem is elected MP and his list performed well in the elections.

Prediction: The election wave of the Lebanese Forces (LF) is a high wave that resembles the little sister of the Tsunami.

Outcome: Lebanese Forces were the biggest net winner of seats in the parliamentary election

Prediction: More than one act of betrayal between the governor and the thieves, between the banks and the governor, and between the governor and the rulers.

Outcome: Judge Ghada Aoun goes after Raid Salameh as well as actress and close acquaintance of Salameh, Stephanie Saliba.

Prediction: All through and after he leaves the presidency, Aoun will unleash negative campaigns on his enemies and his allies, on the Lebanese Forces (LF) as well as on Hezbollah and Nabih Berri

Outcome: Berri and Aoun continue to go at it

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