Michel Hayek’s Prediction About Riad Salameh Is Trending Online

Michel Hayek's Prediction About Riad Salameh
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Yes. Another Michel Hayek article.

It’s safe to say that at some point during the past few days, Michel Hayek crossed one more prediction off his 2020 list.

This time, as you might have guessed if you’ve been following Lebanese politics, the prediction is about Riad Salameh; one of the three he uttered about Salameh back in December 2019.

The Governor of the Central Bank has been the center of attention in Lebanon for days, and it appears that Hayek saw this coming some months ago.

“Riad Salameh for the next stage: One day he governs, the next day he’s condemned.” This is Hayek’s prediction that has recently grown trending online in Lebanon.

How does it relate to what’s happening today?

Well, for the first part, Riad Salameh is the Governor of Banque du Liban; he governs the central bank. As for the second and more interesting part of the statement, “he’s condemned,” it’s a fitting way to describe Salameh’s current state.

For a long time, many Lebanese people have been calling for Governor Salameh to resign or be discharged by the government.

This demand was prevalent throughout the October 17th revolution, and its popularity has only grown among the people since then.

But now that major politicians are also aiming at the financier and deeming him responsible for the terrible financial crisis, the pressure on Salameh is much heavier.

Condemn is exactly what Prime Minister Hassan Diab did to Salameh during his most recent press conference. Diab was direct about it and requested that the governor shows up on television and does some explaining.

Riad Salameh wasted no time and, within a few days, spoke in his own defense in a live, hour-long televised address.

Notably, PM Diab will be speaking again on Thursday, April 30th. Will he “flip the table” as Michel Hayek predicted he would?

After all, Riad Salameh is in possession of banking knowledge related to the ruling politicians, current and past, in regards to money transactions.

Would he be able to clear his name and prove his innocence as Hayek predicted?

In addition to the prediction of Salameh being accused, Hayek issued the following:

  • Riad Salameh will be found innocent of some of the accusations.
  • Riad Salameh to the court of courts and will be revealing many scandalous files.

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