Here’s What Michel Hayek Predicted About Lebanon’s Ambassadors & Government

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After Lebanon’s Information Minister George Kordahi made triggering statements over the Yemeni war, a Lebanon-Gulf crisis erupted, evoking predictions by Michel Hayek.

In his 2021 predictions for Lebanon back in December 2020, Michel Hayek said, “Yes, there is a government, and not just any government: A government of head-breaking, starting from its birth and accompanying it in its days.”

Najib Mikati‘s government could be labeled as head-breaking, especially with the major downturn in its foreign affairs with the Arab Gulf states and their severe reactions against Lebanon.

“More than one ambassador is subject to a security command’s signal,” Hayek added.

Lebanese ambassadors in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait were summoned by the respective Foreign Ministries these past days to be handed over an official condemnation by their governments over Kordahi’s statements.

That was quickly followed by what could be called “a security command” from these governments expelling them from their countries.

More head-breaking attitudes have developed in this new crisis with some officials refusing that Kordahi resigns and Kordahi himself stating that his resignation is “out of the question.”

Michel Hayek‘s 2021 predictions for Lebanon seemed to gradually materialize, in a way or another, and the year is not over yet. For the full list of Hayek‘s predictions, click here.

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