What Michel Hayek Said About The U.S. Election And Trump

What Michel Hayek Said About The U.S. Election And Trump
João Sousa | AFP

As the controversial US presidential election nears its end, people on social media are drawing attention to a prediction Michel Hayek made about it almost a year ago.

During the international section of his 2020 forecast last December, Hayek said: “In the US presidential battle, Trump simultaneously loses and wins, and the days will explain how.”

The prediction is getting people talking, particularly because it seems to reflect how US President Donald Trump is attempting to get states where his rival, Joe Biden, has the lead to recount their votes as he works to secure his re-election.

As of the time of writing, Joe Biden leads the Electoral College race with 253 electoral votes, compared to 213 awarded to Trump so far, with the goal for winning the presidency being 270 votes.

Trump has resorted to suing several states to have them stop counting ballots – or recount them – as he accuses Democrats of rigging the election.

With that in mind, some people are pointing out that the part of Hayek’s prediction that mentions Trump’s simultaneous win and loss could be applied to the legal action the president is using to try and tip the scales in his favor.

Michel Hayek made headlines on several occasions during 2020, as a number of his predictions about certain events in Lebanon and other countries around the world seemed to materialize.

Notably, the famous clairvoyant made a surprise TV appearance in October, during which he read out some new predictions he had about the remainder of the current year.

Hayek is expected to make his awaited annual appearance later in December to reveal his forecast for the new year.

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