These Michel Hayek’s 2020 Predictions Just Came True

Michel Hayek has been a dominant figure in the Lebanese world of predictions for three decades now.

At the end of every December, he makes his anticipated appearance on Lebanese television to share his clairvoyance with the public.

Whether or not you believe Michel Hayek has transcendent abilities, you cannot deny that many of his predictions do come true and, sometimes, with uncanny specificity.

Only three days have passed of the new year and Hayek has already been credited with scoring several successful predictions in the Middle East and international forecasts he made.

The very first line he uttered in his UAE section was: “A Lebanese face in Emirates headlines the news.”

On January 2, 2020, the renowned Lebanese senior news anchor Najwa Kassem passed away in her apartment in Dubai, UAE, at the age of 51.

Her colleagues and many journalists and media figures in Lebanon, as well as the Arab world, were deeply affected by her passing; Kassem, a “Lebanese face in the Emirates,” indeed headlined the news for a couple of days.

A day after Kassem’s death, the Lebanese people and the entire world woke up to a distressing shock: Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, assassinated by the USA in an airstrike as he exited the Baghdad International Airport.

The assassination sent off an intense ripple in the international political scene and even caused the hashtag #WWIII to headline Twitter worldwide.

Days earlier, Michel Hayek said in his predictions: “The highest levels of ebullition in the airports of Iraq.” That was Michel Hayek’s second prediction for Iraq in 2020 and, considering the location of the US airstrike, it seemed to correlate with the assassination of Soleimani.

Moreover, in his international section, Michel Hayek said: “Qasim Soleimani expands the circle of fear around, from, and for himself.”

This also appears to be relevant to the incident. Iran has issued serious, “severe” threats to the USA in light of the latter’s assassination of Iran’s top military commander; the circle of fear increases in the world as it awaits Iran’s promised retaliation.

So there you have it: Three of Michel Hayek’s predictions have been realized early on in 2020. Coincidences? Possibly.

But these “prophecies” coming true do make a person think, if only for a moment, that this Millennium Lebanese Nostradamus might have more to him than meets the eye.