These Are Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For The Middle East

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Like many previous years, Michel Hayek makes a much-awaited TV appearance at the end of December to convey what he foresees for Lebanon, the region, and the world.

Noting that Hayek stresses that his predictions could extend beyond the year, here are his most relevant ones for the Middle East for the year 2022.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Denies Using 'Pegasus' To Monitor Communications
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  • One of the holidays associated with the Kingdom and Mohammed bin Salman turns into an exceptional event, and the horror of the matter is the method in which it will be revealed, and the horrific details of the scheme of revenge against Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • A summit meeting in the Great Mosque of Mecca, and settlements of accounts.
  • Obsession with the unsmooth transition to the reins of government leaves Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a race against time towards the throne.
  • Efforts to overcome the Cold War between Biden and Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • Everything will change in Riyadh as the event will be bigger than the capital.
  • The news of crossing a flying saucer in the sky of Saudi Arabia shakes the Kingdom and the region.
  • A Saudi religious symbol illustrating the scene.
  • The Saudi media challenges, competes, and faces all attempts.
  • King Salman surprises the Kingdom and the world.
  • The year is the year of Muhammad bin Salman.
  • On a moonlit night, the Saudi-Iranian relations move from one bank to the other.
  • A Saudi personality will not be safe outside the borders of the Kingdom.
  • The distinguishing mark in the Kingdom this time will be Prince Khalid bin Salman.
  • The stock market will go out of control for a few moments.
  • Attempting to smuggle a personality out of the Kingdom in a manner similar to cinematic adventures.
  • A Saudi model charms the public.
  • Retroactive effects of the Khashoggi case looses its purpose and rebounds on some of those who drive the case.
  • Prince Mohammed bin Salman has in his hand a set of evidence that change the course of the Khashoggi case.


  • A winning ticket in the hands of president Al Assad
  • Many airplanes and attacks but maybe not all are military
  • The Syrian Democratic forces will be the lead in the Syrian scene
  • Military hysteria in al Yarmouk camp, and fire in the scene
  • Al Joulan with its geography, people, and army in the eye of the storm
  • President Al Assad will change the conditions of the winner in war with Assadist tendencies that will “promote” his positions.
  • Syria will sleep on oil wealth
  • On the horizon, a solution in the current status of Syrian oil that will revive the economy
  • In many nights, we will start to see Syria without Iranians
  • The fingers of “evil” pointing at president Al Assad and his family
  • The riddle of the visit of the Emirati minister to Syria and its dimensions, which are important
  • The U.S dollar escapes from Syria for a test period
  • Non-Syrian funds in Syria to launch an economic revival and the source of money coming from loyal groups and the opposition
  • The Syrian flag is wearing a battle and blowing up a case.
  • The Souwayda’ won’t sit idle in the face of gangs at all costs.
  • Syria’s bilateral relations with Lebanon is strongly renewed by a new look
  • The Syrian breach will not stop on the limits of seats in the Arab League


  • A rush and demands on the Egyptian real estate from inside and outside the country
  • Between Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood “ a long friendship ” and their attacks will become fiercer and fiercer. The goal is two folds: Al-Azhar and its sheik
  • The successes of the brothers Adeeb Amr and Imad El-Din cause envy.
  • A painful shock to the Egyptian football team
  • An event appears like a revolution in Egyptian waters
  • Sharm el-Sheikh regains its glory and overcomes attempts to break it and extinguish its glare
  • Muhammad Ramadan, from trend to trend and from madness to madness, and he will rise above the law despite the danger and the prohibition.
  • A charged horizon in front of Mohamed Salah
  • Strange signs will be seen in, around, and above the pyramids. Lights, bodies, and movements that appear and disappear, astonishing scientists and baffling followers
  • President El-Sisi will remain glamorous and will continue to reap the highest score among presidents
  • Terrorism: “What comes out of the door appears to come back through the window.”
  • An Egyptian court and a judge will not be safe
  • Egyptian art, old and new, on the throne of coronation, honor, and internationalism
  • Egyptian grief along the Nile
  • Schemes to break Mohamed Salah fail and he remains the hero
  • Bold and dangerous attempts to expose and thwart the involvement of a state that shakes security inside Egypt and President Sisi’s goals.

United Arab Emirate

  • Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed sleeps the UAE with great surprises and wakes it up with even bigger surprises
  • Once again, attention turns to the Burj Khalifa to witness the surprise of surprises
  • In one of his moves, the UAE foreign minister will defy danger
  • The name of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed circulates in golden historical records, and is strongly presented behind the scenes of the international honorary awards
  • The Emirate of Sharjah is on a date with great sadness
  • Relations strengthening and new bridges building between Abu Dhabi and Qatar
  • Changing the position and changing positions in the structure of government in Abu Dhabi


  • Al-Qassam Brigades’ new goals will surprise everyone
  • Martyrdom of the stability of the Palestinian Authority by destabilizing the pillars and trying to overthrow heads and overthrow positions
  • Thick smoke will expel the blue color from the sky of Jerusalem
  • A queue of rapid and accurate developments is knocking on the door of President Mahmoud Abbas
  • Ahmed Deif will be blown away by some dangerous files
  • Someone will ignite and destroy bricks from Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Maneuvering with two faces and two goals in the atmosphere of the Dimona nuclear reactor
  • Marvels of wonders will happen in the Holy Land


  • Amman on a date with a harsh red day
  • The spark of movements erupts in Parliament more than once
  • An emergency that requires the closure of more than one bridge and the main road for some time
  • Queen Rania in a state that looks like panic
  • The Jordanian aviation challenges the danger
  • The King plays a prominent role in regional reconciliation process, making him a mainstay in the region
  • The Jordanian people are surprised by decrees and the switching of sensitive positions within the government
  • A non-protocol appearance of the King of Jordan is not without danger
  • Uncovering a plan to declare Jordan a kingdom of peace


  • Emiri orders to open the battle to eradicate the corrupt, whatever their title and position, and even if they are from within the ruling family
  • The roles are reversed to see the Emir of Qatar leading at full speed and nerves of steel a huge mediation that changes the map of alliances
  • Heavy Qatari security on the premises of a mosque
  • The light and glow of a global sports star extinguish on Qatari stadiums
  • Qatar continues to drive in the opposite direction, and a dangerous collision forces it to change its course
  • Grief in the royal family
  • An engineering symbol related to the Qatar World Cup will take on international fame
  • Enthusiasm dies in one day of the World Cup


  • Mass funerals in the streets
  • With caution, Raghad Saddam Hussein is making great strides
  • A new major crime related to Baghdad airport
  • Religious assassination shakes and stirs the streets
  • Khadda and Akbar in an Iraqi prison
  • “The time is coming for” the Iraqi parliament, and the image is gray to black
  • The effects of the cultural, artistic, and mass renaissance will overcome the effect of the attacks and the fabricated events in Erbil
  • An armed reactionary effect on the results of the Iraqi elections
  • International media hype centered on Iraqi antiquities


  • A plane linked to Kuwait raises controversy, and everyone will ask about its story
  • The Emir of Kuwait resists hard
  • The Crown Prince wins more than one exam and reflects the results
  • Kuwait takes the initiative to remove the barriers of alienation and separation between Syria and some Arab countries
  • Temporary exclusion of large heads from the political forum
  • Water besieged Kuwait
  • The Speaker of the National Assembly is doing an exceptional job to reveal the facts by revealing the hidden
  • Exposing the schemes of one of the countries which aim is to stir up sedition in Kuwait
  • Once again, the name Al-Kharafi appears on the Kuwaiti scene
  • A legal case related to a Kuwaiti person outside Kuwait is surrounded by two serious decisions.


  • The novel will be played on the King Fahd Causeway
  • Concern from Bahrain’s neighbors about the King of Bahrain following some steps
  • A dangerous operation related to a Bahraini prison that fragments security men and prisoners
  • Terrorist cells wake up at a record speed and reach their targets
  • The sea of ​​Bahrain is teeming with military pieces accompanied by a state of alert
  • A royal pardon for some of the detainees
  • Faces of Bahraini women to the first grade
  • Infringements on faces related to Bahraini diplomacy
  • A breach in the media


  • Holding the breath at a Libyan airport
  • An operation ranging from kidnapping and disappearance in the first degree, and the kidnapped is a pivotal figure in the Libyan track
  • A member of the Muammar Gaddafi family is in danger
  • From the heart of scenes of fire and destruction, the Libyan desert will be teeming with foreign tourists
  • The judiciary asks for help
  • Among the mines, Field Marshal Haftar crosses into the bargaining stage over the presidential file
  • A lightning operation to remove a candidate of the presidential office
  • Saif al-Islam is fighting his presidential battle with an open back, and despite his great and high fortunes, the rate of treachery remains high.


  • Steps for change will be taken by the King of Morocco, and he doesn’t take into account the danger, because his goal is bigger than danger.
  • The real estate market will boom
  • The intelligence lays its hands on a dangerous scheme aimed at destroying the structure of Moroccan rule
  • Film production in honor at the red carpet
  • Moroccan beauty crowned with laurel
  • The beginning of weaving white threads between Morocco and Algeria
  • A wave of sadness breaks on a Moroccan beach
  • Injury to the judicial body


  • The envious eye afflicts the Prime Minister of Tunisia and some of its ministers
  • Seizure of huge quantities of explosives and weapons prepared to implement a very dangerous sabotage plan
  • The Tunisian president is between his decisions, and a decision that belongs to him personally that will fall on everyone like a thunderbolt
  • The president oscillates between a health issue and a security one
  • The Tunisian minister of Justice will face in ferocity and will not be afraid of danger and “turns the tables”
  • A leading military figure is at the fore in the Tunisian scene
  • Ghannouchi surprises everyone and huge surprises await him
  • Revolution and revolutionaries in a street
  • Tunisia will be the land of freedom, art, and beauty


  • With all his work to settle the relationship between the two countries, we will see Algerian influence on President Macron
  • The Algerian street is a space for rejection, accountability, and uprisings
  • The winds of change are blowing in the ranks of the military
  • A wave of concern about the president
  • Shock in the Algerian parliament
  • A prominent figure enters prison


  • Al-Houthi receives a message for all messages and the next one is greater
  • Sudden appearance of Al-Houthi outside his well-known security square
  • From the stage of stalling to the stage of zero hours for a crucial and strategic position
  • Overnight, a Yemeni gift opens the doors to a new stage
  • The event changes the standards of confrontation and reactions in Sana’a or its airport
  • A breach awaits the Arab coalition


  • The Republican Palace and its precincts will not remain outside the battle, and an exciting event will take place inside it
  • The steadfastness of the proof and those with him is temporary
  • Hamdok is the focus of events that fluctuate expectations and reality
  • A Sudanese assassination constitutes a reactionary effect on some aspects of the revolution
  • Military hysteria in a street
  • A setback in one of the Sudanese media


  • An articulated movement destabilizes the joints of the Israeli security apparatus
  • The time of the Israeli war unconsciousness is coming, and the time for waiting is over
  • What will happen in the triangle of Syria, Lebanon and Israel will be closer to a security storm and will resemble a hurricane
  • Israel sets a trap for itself and drags itself into battle
  • The Prime Minister of Israel “intended to do evil” and his name is signed on a series of the largest unprecedented events
  • Public signs in red suddenly interrupt the Israeli Prime Minister
  • Madness from Israel and on it, above and below the water
  • The Mossad and its chief face a difficult test
  • The first mystery related to the remains of pilot Ron Arad is revealed

Miscellaneous from the Arab world

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein
  • Mother of storms blowing on the Phoenician shore
  • The great strangeness: Israel sponsors more than one Arab-Arab reconciliation
  • Soon, the secret of bringing in B-52 fighters to the region will be revealed
  • Hunt for well-known personalities on Cypriot soil
  • Shocking surprises with the normalization process between an Arab country and Israel
  • Extinction and absence of names of four great personalities in the Arab region, including Persia
  • A military training exercise that deviates from its course and objectives
  • Military madness in Arab waters
  • Nature goes crazy, so we see mighty waves in Arabian waters
  • A non-Ramadan day in the coming month of Ramadan
  • A wave of suicides in the Arab world affects some well-known faces
  • Attempts to damage the “Al-Mayadeen” station in more than one way
  • The death of a famous artist
  • Hysteria centered on a cell phone that is out of control
  • A shock over the Ashura procession and its removal from the concept of remembrance
  • The astrological center is on a date with a shock in one of its faces
  • A heavy spread of the phenomenon of the jinn and its manifestations and what is associated with it
  • A chase with weapons on a beach sows terror among people
  • The beginning of the establishment of a new approach to relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel that does not resemble everything that has happened so far between the Arabs and Israel
  • Radar stops working to include civilian and military entities
  • On the day the earth shakes in the region and “do what you will do,” we will see that our problems are ordinary and simple before them.
  • Masonic lodges are openly expanding


Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For Lebanon

Michel Hayek’s 2022 Predictions For The World